Future Rocked at Red Square

Future Rock returned to Albany courtesy of Zen Rose Productions with their impressive light show and livetronica trio on Saturday, February 22nd at Red Square. Chicago is lucky to have such a stellar trio of musicians performing live electronic music in the caliber of Disco Biscuits, STS9 and Lotus, with less members and just as much punch. Over the course of a two hour, 15 minute performance that went well past 2 am, Mickey Kellerman (keys), Darren Heitz (drums) and Felix Moreno (bass) took the crowd through many strata of electronica with four-on-the-floor beats throughout the night.

The set was chock full of dancing, solid originals including “Reach Your Heitz”, “Ce Jeu” and “Pathfinder” as well as a few choice covers in Gorillaz’ “Glitter Freeze” and a slight remix of Daft Punk’s “Contact”, spliced with “One More Time” samples. The fast tempo “FM 1000”, remixed by DJ Thibault (who also opened up the night as a perfect warmup for Future Rock), is well worth a listen (check out his side project with Felix, Autobody.) After running through the setlist, Darren asked the crowd if they wanted some more and the still thriving crowd was treated to “Pathfinder” and “Romantic Rights”.

The lights were phenomenal, if not overpowering in the intimate setting, but made the appeal of the show that much greater. Future Rock is a multi-faceted band with deep connection between the three members that creates electronica that is of a higher echelon in the genre. They can come back to Albany anytime after a performance like this.

Setlist: Droid, Majestic, Reach Your Heitz, $$$$$, Tranzmission, Spark, Midnight Madness, One day, Tremble, Milky Way, Ce Jeu, FM 1000, Glitter Freeze, Contact, Pathfinder, Romantic Rights

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