Hearing Aide: Spiritual Rez ‘Apocalypse Whenever’

Spiritual Rez, the reggae party machine from Boston, has released their latest album Apocalypse Whenever and have been hitting cities with it all over the East Coast. The 14 track album is a broad, multi-genre mecca of music and is a great representation of today’s generation. The lyrics are powerful with their relatable, modern day messages of love, music, struggle and how everyday can feel like the end of the world but screw it, bring it on! Their shows are unforgettable because each one is a powerhouse of tropical reggae funk, a little bit of Bob Marley with Sublime and Streetlight Manifesto. Spiritual Rez will return to Upstate NY at the end of March to Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs.

Spiritual Rez 'Apocalypse Whenever'
The album starts with “Man’s Hands”, one of the best songs to sum up Spiritual Rez, in an explosively reggae groove of rebellion built on sharp horns. “Don’t Be Afraid” is an enduring love song that stands through the test of time with a mash up of all things jazz, rock and hope thanks to 80’s-ish guitar riffs. “Decisions” is a light summer breeze as smooth bass notes and hip hop vocals. “Let’s Go Out With a Bang” could possibly be the most romantic song on the album with an erotic surfer rock melody. You get half way through the album when suddenly there’s a stormy, all instrumental and dark “March of the Reptoids!” A New Orleans jazz emerges from “Agapoula Mou, Pt. 2” before heading into heavy metal haven. “Worker Bee” is the riot starter with intense repetitive, reckless guitar riffs and angry, spinning harmonies. The entire album showcases how Spiritual Rez is unique, with the each song being completely different from the other whether it’s a gentle sway or thrashing and kicking.

Key Tracks: Bring It On, Don’t Be Afraid, Agapoula Mou Pt. 1

Prepare yourself with the new album from Spiritual Rez, Apocalypse Whenever, by downloading it from Itunes or you can order a physical copy from CD Baby. 

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