Normal Instruments Play An Anything but Ordinary Show at The Hollow on January 11th

Normal Instruments  teamed up with Albany locals Leila Harrison and Jon Santolla for a spectacular show at the Hollow on January 11th. DJ Leila and Mentally Ill started the night off with a ton of energy and before you even entered the venue you could hear and feel the deep drum and bass pumping into the streets of Albany. Mentally Ill (Jon Santolla) played a darker, harder set while Leila kept her set light-hearted with a twist of booty dropping house music. Both of these artists continuously remind us why they are the most prevalent Drum and Bass DJs in the Upstate.

normal instru

Normal Instruments played two full sets and the collaboration of four musicians with this caliber of talent could only result in amazing things. Each musician holds their own and counterbalances one another while still staying in unity and synchronicity with each other. Every song branches off into new realms, fusing the disconnect of organic and electronic. Although all of the members of the band come from very different backgrounds within the music community, they use their differences to make a completely different and fresh sound.

Jules Jenssen once again did not disappoint and tore it up on the drums, heavily accompanied by Cosmic Dust Bunnies’ Matt Becket on the bass. Jeff Bujak is a source of constant entertainment and dancing no matter what genre of music he is contributing to. Both Bujak and Michael Carter take Normal Instruments to new levels of electronic mastery.  The show was packed with energy from beginning to end and it was apparent that each member of the band was genuinely having fun during their performance. By the time Normal Instruments left the stage the Hollow was ten degrees hotter and the crowd was cheering for more. Overall an absolutely amazing show and impressive show of talent by all artists. Albany definitely looks forward to this New England-based power house.

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