A 3-Day Binge with Alestorm, Trollfest and Gypsyhawk – Oh, My!

I was originally scheduled to cover the Alestorm‘s New York City appearance on December 2, yet it ended up being a 3-day party saga that was surely nothing less than memorable!

One of the last few stops of this year’s Alestorm tour was hitting the Great Apple. Gypsyhawk was in charge of starting out the night. They found some warmth among the New York City fans – far from the cold temperatures of Canada, where they had just come from.  They showcased California Rock n’ Roll at it’s finest (having persevered though the struggles of a broken down car) and delivered an energetic performance.

As always, it was expected that Trollfest would have the crowd in constant motion with everything from mosh pits, walls of death, crowd surfing and, of course, lots and lots of dancing.  Since their last appearance in the city during the annual Paganfest, the local crowd has grown immensely. Their performance was quite the fun-fest. Not only did the silliness of the band make it so much more exiting, they interacted a lot with the fans; at some point they even played in the middle of the pit, as fans danced around them.

And when you think it doesn’t get any better than Trollfest, Pirate Metal comes along. Alestorm brought the party full circle as they delivered one of the most exiting and energetic set. The crowd surfers rained towards the front, as everyone else was dancing and singing along to the drunken pirate lyrics. Again one cannot emphasize enough the fact that the band takes the time to bond with their following. They brought some girls on stage to dance with them, and just joked around in between songs.


I’ve seen so many shows throughout the year, and I have to say, not only was this the top one for me, but it was the cherry on top to end this memorable year of gigs.

Follow Kassandra as she continues her 3-Day adventure.

Day 2:

Day 3:

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