Wintersun/FleshgodApocalypse/Starkill live @ Irving Plaza 8/8/13




The young metalheads from Illinois, Starkill, brought their new material, Fires of Death, to the city once again. This was their second tour this year after having toured with veteran heavy metalers, Hypocrisy, earlier in the year. These guys were no newbies and after having toured successfully, it came to no surprise they will be on the road again. With the main elements of their music; melodic guitars, insane guitar solos, and powerful heavy metal drumming, they definitely brought something worth checking out; fresh, vibrant, nothing cliché. Hopefully young and talented bands like this gain more recognition, but for now Starkill has surely earned more fans and recognition after this tour.

Instragram: @Starkillofficial

Youtube/”Infernal Rebirth” official video:

Fleshgod Apocalypse  

Highly awaited were the Italian beasts known as Fleshgod Apocalypse. After having extensively toured Europe, and only days away from releasing their new album, Labyrinth, they embarked on this tour. The ear bursting drums and unreal symphonic death metal atmosphere only added to the hype brought by this band. They were certainly a forced to be reckoned with as their fans moshed furiously to their music. On this tour they brought along the soprano singer VERONICA BORDACCHINI, who collaborated in Labyrinth. Her powerful operatic vocals only added to the eeriness of the music, which made for a perfect amalgam of symphonic death metal. They were definitely in no way overhyped, it was death metal at it’s finest, which let’s us know that their future material is definetly something to look out for. Labyrinth has been released via Nuclear Blast records August 16th.


Youtube: “Elegy” single (Taken from “Labyrinth”

“The Violation” (official video)


After a successful co-headlining tour with Eluvietie last year, it came to no surprise Wintersun would be back once more. This time the Finnish heavy metalers would headline across the states. They had fans dying as they yearned their return and their demands were definitely made known to the promoters who made this tour happen. After the success of the long due Time I album, it was no surprise that they once more sold out a New York city venue, this time around Irving Plaza, and last year it was the Gramercy Theater. Wintersun brought along a treat this time around for their devout fans, not only would they play the Time I album in it’s entirety, but also their debut Wintersun album, and a new song from the Time II album, “The Way of the Fire” (expected to be released sometime early next year). Fans chanted along to every song, as they knew the words by heart, and head banged, and moshed to every master piece made by the Wintersun front man Jari Maenpaa.



Youtube: “Time” lyric video

“Beyond the Dark Sun”

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