Fund the Funk: Funktapuss Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New Album

If you’ve been keeping up with Upstate, you know about an incredible funk act from the Cape Cod area known as Funktapuss. The five-piece band has been slowly growing their fan base and making their name known through increased touring. After a late November stop in Buffalo, we tipped you off about how talented these guys really are. Bassist Brian Vanderbeek’s play is often times Wooten-esque and the other four are just as captivating. With the recent tour all wrapped up, the band is now set to record the material they’ve been compiling since their first release.


Announced last week, the funk five-piece launched a Kickstarter campaign, asking fans to help with the cost of recording the new album. This request isn’t coming without its fair share of return though, as the band will give away various prizes depending on your contribution. The prizes start at a free download of the new album and scale all the way up to having the opportunity to actually be on the album. There’s even a prize where the band will setup and play at your house (if you live close enough). This album can’t come soon enough as their inclusion of three new songs at their appearance in Buffalo showed substantial growth and an even deeper groove. Check out their Kickstarter page and help fund some new funk that I know will be well worth the investment.

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