Cabinet and Rebel Darling: A Wallow at The Hollow

A purist might not consider Cabinet a Bluegrass band.  Sure the building blocks are there, traditional instruments are there, but somehow Cabinet bellowed, thundered, resonated, hummed, and jangled from the depths of The Hollow in Albany creating a unique musical vibration. A six-piece ensemble from Pennsylvania was well received by a large and appreciative crowd. Cabinet is a no-frills type of band, at least until they pick up their instruments.


Cabinet moved through a set of songs of various tempos, some lyrically absent songs and tunes that engaged the crowd in what seemed to be a dance-a-thon. “Doors” switches things up within the song itself; beginning slow and steady, Todd Kopec uses his fiddle to take this song into another realm of existence. Cabinet has the ability to move a song into another space and then bring us back down to reality. Covering “Mr. Spaceman,” with their modern nuances, introduced a familiarity to the crowd, perhaps a nod of gratitude to The Byrds but even more so, a conjunction to their own music that ventures into avant-garde.  Cabinet played a lengthy set yet strategically left the crowd wanting more. Cabinet is currently on tour with dates in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. through the end of the year.

Brand new local 518 band Rebel Darling opened. Singer-songwriter and Rebel Darling founder Michael Poulopoulos exclaimed, “We extended ‘Harvest Heart’ on a whim lead by a dirty blues harmonica. We felt the moment and went with it.” Rebel Darling played Cabinet’s, Pappy Biondo’s solo song “Hard to Find” from his album Pappy Time.

Rebel Darling released Harvest the Heart this past March. will have more on Rebel Darling in January.

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