Prepare for the Cosmic Dust Bunnies and Friends this Saturday at The Hollow


Don’t miss one of the biggest parties of the weekend tonight in Albany at The Hollow when Cosmic Dust Bunnies touch down to bring some mind melting music. The doors open at 9pm for the 21+ crowd with admission set at $10 put on by Full Circle Music Productions.

The lineup for the night includes two DJ sets with Leila, a dark spin jam master with a love for deep bass lines, and Mentally Ill, another lover for heavy bass lines whose turntables will bring you to the brink of insanity. Digital Dharma will also be stopping in to perform a set of high energy electronic rock with live instruments. The Cosmic Dust Bunnies, known for their epic late night sets at festivals such as Catskill Chill and Backwoods Pondfest, will end the night with their new wavetronica stylings guaranteed to send the crowd shooting out of this galaxy.

Keyboardist Chris Sellas from the Cosmic Dust Bunnies took some time out of their busy schedule to talk to .

Susan Rice: Cosmic Dust Bunnies. I kinda get a “energizer bunny” image. Why that name? How does it reflect your music?

Chris Sellas: We are all kind of nerds when it comes to video games and space, two of our favorite things Cosmic Dust Bunnies kind of sounds like the best of both worlds…I bet it would make a kick ass game that’s for sure! It’s also a real thing in outer space, a cluster Cosmic dust within a specific galaxy… So when you Google us you will either get our pages or NASA which I think is pretty cool. I think our Bunny would keep going and going and going and going…lol

SR: You had quite a fall tour, traveling all over the East Coast. What makes Upstate New York stand out while on the road?

CS: I think spent a good deal of my childhood living outside Buffalo, I’ve always loved upstate New York. Albany is such a great time, people there have lots of energy and are enjoying the scene that is happening there.

SR: Given the time of year, do you have a favorite holiday to play shows on?

CS: Halloween is always fun. We just did a show this past Halloween and we all dressed up as Star Wars characters and played Star Wars medleys. it was a lot of fun and our fans loved it. This year we will also be doing a New Year’s Eve show in Massachusetts with Dopapod, consider the source, viral sound and more. That’s gonna be a blast!

SR: You shared that you went to Funspot in New Hampshire, the largest arcade in the world. Which game best describes your sound?

CS: I probably have to say sonic the hedgehog… That and Streets of Rage 2. Fun spot was a blast, nothing better than four player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game!

SR: What can fans look forward to in 2014? Any new music in the works?

CS: We have one album which should be dropping around Christmas time and will be hitting the studio for a follow up shortly after. We will also be having some of our producer DJ friends doing some remixes as well so look out for that.

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