Hot Reggae and Jazz at Red Square Thanks to Spiritual Rez and Groovestick

On November 14th, Red Square in Albany hosted two talented bands that offered up a wide range of musical stylings for any kind of music lover. A trio from members of some of Albany’s favorite bands joined forces to unite in a progressive jazz funk experience to make Groovestick. Reggae group and Boston’s own Spiritual Rez ended their extensive tour in Upstate New York after traveling all over this summer to festivals such as Catskill Chill and Backwoods Pondfest.

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The newest band on the music scene is the jazz funk trio, Groovestick a dynamite collaboration with Dan Gerken on guitar/bass (Timbre Coup/Mirk), Chris Carballeira on organ/keys (Dirty Paris/Funk Evolution) and Frantz on drums (The Kollectiv/Dirty Paris). A slow and steady start to the night with smooth jazz made way for a funk powerhouse set closer. Carballeira brings an upbeat soul shaking performance as he shines on the organ while Gerken provides the right amount of attitude on the guitar. Their sound is catchy, unique and continues to turn audiences into funky jazz lovers across Upstate New York. Be sure to see them for their return to Monopole in Plattsburgh December 6th and with The Kollectiv at The Hollow in Albany December 13th.

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Spiritual Rez brought a taste of summer to Red Square with their undeniably fun reggae melodies. They have a raw energy that can’t be matched or stopped as their music flows on wave upon wave. Jesse Shaternick laid down some heavy bass bombs as the horn section brought a twist of ska to the mix of reggae bliss. The only drawback of the show was the small stage space of Red Square, limiting Toft Willingham to his usual outrageous dance moves. The six-piece band was a tight squeeze on the stage but it forced the sound forward, hitting dancers hard in the face with dubtastic rock. Spiritual Rez brings out the animal in everyone with their primal screams, carefree attitude and explosive grooves. Spiritual Rez will be making stops throughout the east coast in December and will celebrate New Year’s Eve at The Spot in Providence, RI.

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