Meet Your NYSMusic Staff: Taper and Staff Writer Lenny Stubbe

photoLenny Stubbe is a Deadhead, Phish Head, moe.ron, live music collector and taper from Buffalo, NY who first saw the light in 1993. After a couple years of collecting high gen cassettes, he decided to go digital and make his own tapes. Still collecting to this day, Lenny got back into taping shows when Phish returned in 2009 with a passion to get it done.

Lenny likes German vehicles, Danish microphones, French and Swiss pre amps, American built high resolution decks, and recording from the mouth of the beast. Having written some reviews in the mid 90’s of Grateful Dead and Phish shows, some published and most scattered around the net, Lenny joined the team in 2012 to add a taper’s perspective.  You can check out Lenny’s website and follow him on Twitter.

Among artists on Lenny’s bucketlist are the bands he wish he could have seen – Pigpen, early Genesis, Bob Marley and 89 Grateful Dead.  For current artists, a Peter Gabriel return with Genesis and a Phish cover of a Grateful Dead album rank high on the list of something I would love to see someday.