Review: OTHERWISE Dominates the Stage at Bearfest

IMG_4239The booming introductory music to Otherwise’s setlist filled the eager ears of the Wise Ones, all crowding in closer and closer to the barricade, animated cheers escaping from them as one by one each band member made their appearance, Corky Gainsford (drums), Vassilios “V” Metropoulos (bass), Andrew Pugh (guitar), Ryan Patrick (guitar), then finally, Adrian Patrick (vocals) emerged from behind the crates. His deep, powerful voice washed over the crowd as he began to sing “Die for You”, the fans shouted out the rest of the chorus as he held out the mic towards them. Next was “Lighthouse” which Adrian dedicated to all the “good girls”, followed by “the song that goes out to all the bad girls”, their party anthem, “Vegas Girl”. The number of fans increased every second, eager for more of Otherwise; however, they were just getting warmed up. The next to play was “Silence Reigns” followed by their single, “I Don’t Apologize”, the fans belting out the lyrics whole-heartedly, their eyes stared in wonder as Otherwise continued to unleash their unbelievable energy.

IMG_4263The fun didn’t stop there; Adrian then encouraged the Wise Ones to raise their middle fingers as they began to chant, “fuck you” rapidly, starting up the next song, “Full Circle”. This was followed by “Scream Now” and from one of their earlier records, Some Kind of Alchemy, “Stop, Drop, and Roll”. The music changed abruptly to a familiar tune, “Killing in the Name Of” by Rage Against the Machine. Fans head-banged to the rhythm of the song, pumped fists and rocker horns in the air as well as mouthed the lyrics enthusiastically. To say the least, Otherwise did a killer cover. Of course, the band saved the best for last, the song that got their name out there, “Soldiers”. At the end of the song, Adrian jumped off the stage and ran towards the barricade, bringing the mic to the fans and having them harmonize with the band, and then he stood on top of the railing, one hell of a way to end an awesome setlist.

As always, Otherwise brought their game to the stage. No matter the size of the crowd, they always have a way to connect with their ever-growing fan base.

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