This past Saturday, the Wise Guys, known as Otherwise, shared the stage with Three Days Grace at The Dome in Wallingford, Connecticut, where I had the incredible opportunity to witness this killer event.

The lights dimmed and the excited chatter turned into cheers as the booming introductory music shook the floor of the venue. One by one, each member of Otherwise stepped into the red spotlight, the last to emerge from the shadows, Adrian Patrick. They started their set with their current single, “Die for You”, quickly followed by “Lighthouse” and “Vegas Girl”. Otherwise did not hesitate for one moment as they continued with “Silence Reigns” and probably one of the best break-up songs out there, “I Don’t Apologize”. The energy in the room just felt so unreal, definitely indescribable. Next to be played was “Full Circle”, “Scream Now” and one of their older tracks with a fantastic beat, “Stop, Drop and Roll”. Immediately following was their superb cover of Rage Against the Machine‘s track, “Killing in the Name of”, and at the start of that, fans began to throw up their horns and rock out. Of course, Otherwise saved the best for last, the song that got their name out there, “Soldiers”, a powerful track to finish their set with. As always, I am blown away with their performance, but now it was time for Three Days Grace to take the stage.

three days grace5After waiting patiently for the crew to finish up their testing of the microphones, guitars and drums, the stage lights suddenly brightened the room and the volume of the music in the overhead speakers increased as Rage Against the Machine‘s “Killing in the Name of” began to play. Faint storm sound effects took over then The Dome was enveloped in darkness, with the exception of the WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VENUS CONNECTICUT sign and a blue hue light up the room. Then a familiar eerie song filled our ears, it was Nancy Sinatra‘s “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”. One by one, each member of Three Days Grace emerged from the shadows, then Barry Stock (guitarist) played the introduction to “Chalk Outline”, the cue for Matt Walst (vocals) to make his presence known. The crowd went wild once Walst appeared and began to bounce along the heavy beat. Three Days Grace did not hesitate for one moment as they continued with “Just Like You”, “Pain” and “The High Road”. Fans sang out with such a strong passion and some held up their horns. But Three Days Grace was just getting warmed up! The three days grace10killer set kept rolling with classics such as “Home”, “Get Out Alive”, “Break” and “The Good Life”. Finally it was time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Neil Sanderson’s legendary drum solo, briefly accompanied by keyboardist, Dani Rosenoer. Once he left, Neil continued doing what he does best: blowing the crowd away with his fantastic beats. The rest of Three Days Grace returned to play their current single, “Misery Loves My Company”, followed immediately by “World So Cold” and one of their many classics, “I Hate Everything About You”. Barry Stock then took a brief to give thanks to Matt and the fans for standing by them, as well as introducing Shawn Hamm to the stage to play their awesome cover of Limp Bizkit‘s “Break Stuff”. They finished their set with “Animal I Have Become”, “Never Too Late” and “Riot”. What a way to end a Saturday night!

All in all, both bands were absolutely incredible. Be sure to check out both bands’ tour dates to see if their coming to a town near you. Their shows are ones you will not want to miss!

Photos by: Kate Drexel

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