Review: HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD Brings it to ROTR

HollywoodUndead-3After the excitement of Love and Death, it was Hollywood Undead‘s turn to rock the stage. The crew began to clear the stage for Hollywood Undead‘s arrival: a synthesizer placed next to the drum kit, and with every checking of the microphones, the fans cheered loudly and drunkenly. The outdoor  music quieted down, hinting Hollywood Undead’s arrival.

The first to make an appearance was J-Dog, who wore a white mask with gas filters on the cheek with a dollar sign drawn on the mouth, and on the forehead, God’s All Seeing Eye, as well as burned eyes that glowed red. With the synthesizer, he played the notes to the band’s first song, “Undead”. Next to appear was Da Kurlzz, wearing a theatrical mask with somewhat terrifying features; great wrinkles, and two half masks: one side sad with an open mouth and the other side, burnt and evil looking. He sat behind his drum kit and hit the beats to the song. Then the rest of the band members made their appearance. Charlie Scene walked out with his guitar wearing a gray bandana that said Charlie Scene and matte black specs. Johnny 3 Tears (vocals) wore a mask with elements of the mosaic with small parts: his signature 3 on the left side of the face and the pattern of butterflies to the right. Funny Man (vocals) wore a mask made of black cloth with a silver pattern on the face similar to the style of Mexican wrestler, Lucha Libre; on the right cheek were three white points and the initials FM on the forehead. Last but not least, Danny (vocals) came out with gold mask with strict features and a Latin cross on the left eye made from bullet casings. After the signature scream of “UNDEAD” by Johnny 3 Tears and Da Kurlzz, Danny sang the rest of the chorus clearly. The crowd began to move to the beat of the music, fist pumped and rocked the horns back and forth.


They ripped through the next three songs from their 2011 record American Tragedy, “Tendencies”, “Been to Hell”, and “Comin’ in Hot”. At the end of “Been to Hell”, the band briefly went off stage to remove their masks for the remainder of the show. The same Spiderman crowd surfer from the Love and Death performance made his presence known yet again as other Rangers followed his example, one of them wearing a black body suit, and another fan holding a sign that read “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY SHOW ME YOUR TITS” while crowd surfing. Through the speedy setlist, Hollywood Undead ended their setlist with “Everywhere I Go”, where their drummer wore a horse head to try to follow the band’s footsteps, and the Rangers waved their arms from side to side to the rhythm of the song. The song was followed by the first single from their latest record, Notes from the Underground, “We Are”, where the fans, yet again, waved their arms from side to side.


All in all, Hollywood Undead exceeded everyone’s expectations and gained new fans through their fantastic performance. The setlist was great, the vibe was unbelievable, and the tunes will be haunting the back of every Rangers’ minds.