House of Blues 20th Anniversary Tour Headlined by HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD Hits NY

To support the “House of Blues 20th Anniversary Tour”, Hollywood Undead headlines this tour with Escape the FateAll Hail the Yeti and 3 Pill Morning throughout July, ending in West Hollywood. The tour hits Huntington 7/14 at The Paramount with Escape the Fate and then New York City at the Irving Plaza on 7/15.


Hollywood Undead:

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Hollywood Undead brings the party to the stage with their catchy lyrics and beats. This six-pieced band with members Charlie Scene (vocals/guitar), Danny (vocals/guitar), Johnny 3 Tears (vocals/bass), Funny Man (vocals), J-Dogg (bass), and Da Kurlzz (drums), are well known for wearing unique masks while performing. Currently, the band has successfully released a total of three albums, Swan Song (2008), American Tragedy (2011), and Notes from the Underground (2013). Hollywood Undead has shared the stage with Escape the Fate, All Hail the Yeti, Pop Evil, American Fangs, Limp Bizkit and many more. They have also featured in May’s major rock festivals this past year, Welcome to Rockville, Carolina Rebellion, Rockfest, Rock on the Range, and Rocklahoma. Hollywood Undead knows how to have a good time and they are ready to share that with their ever-growing fan base.


Escape the Fate:

Escape-The-Fate-2012From Las Vegas, NV, Escape the Fate returns to the stage with Mabbitt’s chilling screams ready to haunt the back of fan’s minds as well as the band’s incredibly catchy tunes. Members consist of Craig Mabbitt (vocals), the Money brothers, Bryan “Monte” (guitar) and Michael (guitar), Thomas “TJ” Bell (bass), and Robert Ortiz (drums). The band currently has four albums out, Dying Is Your Fashion (2006), This War Is Ours (2008), Escape the Fate (2010), and Ungrateful (2013). Escape the Fate has toured with various bands including Papa Roach, Attack! Attack!, and Pop Evil, and they have featured in a few festivals this year, Rocklahoma, Rock on the Range, Lazerfest, and Download Festival. This band is more ready to show the concertgoers what they have up their sleeve.


942042_643970112286926_1432459527_nAll Hail the Yeti:

This is the band that has forsaken their hometown to become something more, to revive metal. Lead vocalist Connor Garritty formed the band in 2006 with ex-guitarist K.J. Duval. Current members include Craw NeQuent (guitar), Nick Diltz (bass) and Steve White (drums). Upstate Metal’s Kate Drexel had the opportunity to interview NeQuent and Diltz back in March at Upstate Concert Hall when the band opened for In This Moment. “For those who don’t know what a yeti is, it’s a Himalayan Nepalese term for “bigfoot” so we’re all…well at least the singer and I are like real enthusiasts of all that kind of stuff…cryptozoology and bigfoot and all of that folklore and stuff and also we thought it fit the sound, just kind of a heavy, slow moving, crushing kind of persona. Backwoods, mythical, larger than life all of that stuff we feel like applies to the sound and the band also,” explained Diltz when asked about the band name. Fans look forward to what the band has in store for us.


3 Pill Morning:

3PillMorningPhoto1From Minneapolis, MN, this small rock band’s first single “Loser” remained on rotation on the Top 100 chart on Active Radio for over 6 months. 3 Pill Morning has opened for Shinedown and In This Moment in Nebraska on select dates in the summer of 2012, as well as toured with Sevendust. The band involves Jeff Stebbins (vocals), Ryan Welch (guitar/keys), Ryan Lee (bass/vocals), and Trent Laugerman (drums). 3 Pill Morning is eager to share their material to the ever-adoring concertgoers.


Overall, this is a superb lineup and these bands are ready to give their fans a night to remember. Be sure to catch them while they are in the state, this is one event you will not want to miss!