Review: HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD Brings the Undead to Life at The Fillmore

No more waiting, the fans were ready for Hollywood Undead to take over, to bring the party to the stage. The mixed animated chatter died once the lights dimmed and a purple and white hue brightened the stage. An ominous introduction filled the eager ears of the fans, when all of the sudden the opening notes for “Undead” began to bounce off the walls of The Fillmore.hollywood undead

All of Hollywood Undead came out with their masks; Charlie Scene wore black matte spectacles with a gray bandana that read CHARLIE SCENE; J-Dog wore a white mask with gas filters on the cheek and red glowing burned eyes; Johnny 3 Tears wore a mosaic mask with a 3 on the left side of his face as well as a butterfly pattern on the right side; Da Kurlzz had on a white mask with two different sides, the left, sad with the mouth open, and the right, burnt and evil, both features with great wrinkles; Funny Man wore a black cloth mask with a silver pattern on it, in the style of Mexican masked wrestlers Lucha Libre; and finally, Danny, a gold mask with strict features and a Latin cross made from the casings from bullets. The crowd lost it as soon as they began to perform the first song; some even began to crowd surf. Next song to play was “Tendencies”, the fans continuing to sing along whole-heartedly, and the band members pointing to a few of them and dancing around to the beat of the song. Following was “Been to Hell” then the band took of their masks to continue performing the next song, their current single, “Dead Bite”. Through the speedy setlist, the band played their classic songs including, “Up in Smoke”, “Kill Everyone”, and “City”. Very catchy tunes indeed and the vibe they created on the stage was definitely indescribable, one had to have been there to experience the party they had on stage. The fans danced along to the beat and rhythm of the songs “California” and “From the Ground”, as the crowd sang along to the killer lyrics Hollywood Undead was throwing at them.

Oh, but the party does not end there, they continued with more of their fantastic classics, “Delish”, “Comin’ In Hot”, as well as the ridiculously cheery song, “Bullet”, and a song they dedicated to the troops, “Paradise Lost”. After the performance of “Another Way Out”, they carried on with “Young” to which their original backdrop of the cursive HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD on top of a white fading to gray background was suddenly dropped and revealed a black and white vertical striped backdrop with the band’s symbol, a dove carrying a grenade on each of the black stripes.

Subsequent to the performance of “Hear Me Now”, the lights shut off and the band exited the stage, then the overhead lights began to turn on, causing the fans to chant for an encore. Then someone in the speakers above announced that the band was finished for the evening, and subsequently encouraged the fans to chant “everywhere I go”. As the fans continued to chant, the opening notes to “Everywhere I Go” played, causing the fans to cheer out with excitement as the band stepped out from the shadows to finish their set. The grand finale was “We Are”, to which Johnny 3 Tears had to stop it after singing the beginning chorus because he admitted to messing up, then the band started the song from the beginning and continued to play without any further flaws. They left the fans wanting more and in a crazed hype.

Overall, Hollywood Undead knows how to bring the party to the stage and they brought the undead to life. Prior to the beginning of the evening, Upstate Metal’s Kate Drexel had the opportunity to interview Johnny 3 Tears, which can be seen below. Be sure to check the band’s Facebook page to see if the party will be coming to a town near you, this is a band you will not want to miss out on.

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