The Gaia Theory Interview

Here’s another band who answered my call for a written interview on the 315 Street Team Page. The Gaia Theory a type of metal best called Electronicore hails from Massena NY.

Nick was the front man for the short lived yet face melting band In Seven Days. Aleskey (Guitarist) also has a electronica side project called “Word Child” which you can find on sound cloud. The Gaia Theory is currently at a stand still since they’re looking for a guitarist, bassist and a keyboard/synth player so if you think this music is up your ally hit them up! They were also featured in my compilation video “Music For You EarHole” which is where you can give their music a listen or it up FB and listen to some tracks they have up on the music player.

(Steve) First off is it ok if I asked what happened to In Seven Days?

(Nick) haha yeah its fine… Uhh ya know we hit a standstill and things just weren’t going the way we wanted and we all wanted different things for the band.. After our last show I quit the band and it just died out after I left..

(Steve) How did you get together with your new band mates after the split?

(Nick) I actually gave up on music for a few weeks just needed time to myself…. But then I got off my ass and wanted to get back into playing because it’s my life. So I posted adds on Craigslist looking for people to fill the spots and that’s when I found Aleksey (guitarist) the and it went from there haha

(Aleksey) Yea basically, I had a post on craigslist and so did he, it was like destiny haha. And the rest of the mates we just found over time.

(Steve) Give a brief description on what The Gaia Theory is and why you decided to name your band this?
(Aleksey) The Gaia Theory is a scientific theory that basically states, that all living and non-living organisms on earth, work together in a constant utopian method to form a self-regulating environment, that basically contributes to maintaining life on earth. The name Gaia derives from the Goddess Gaia, who was the Goddess of Earth, and as mythology states, the mother to all gods. We chose the name, because it seemed to work with the style of music were playing, this whole concept of everything working together harmoniously, to create a stable sound haha. Plus the name sounds cool as hell.

(Steve) Does anything from this idea affect your lyrics?

(Nick) umm not at all ya know each song I write has its own story. Like one will be about death and gore. And then another will be about hope and uprising… Each song has its certain sound and lyrics meant for each other.. I also listen to what the band has come up with and I close my eyes and vision what it makes me think of.. And then write the lyrics

(Steve) How does the writing process go for you guys? Does each individual person bring their own pizazz to the band or is it directed as a whole?

(Aleksey) I mean it’s hard to say, sometimes it’s just directed as a whole, and other times we all bring in something different. We all come from different musical backgrounds, for example I come from a pure classical background. Our drummer comes from more of a punk/hardcore background, and so on. For the most part, we try to write everything together, my last band I was in, I basically had to write all the music, and that tends to be a lot of unwanted pressure, because then I have to keep in mind what I like and what every single person in the band likes. So I for the most part am trying to avoid taking that type of responsibility again.

(Steve) Who does your artwork?

(Nick) Aleksey and I do the artwork for the band

(Steve) Nick you told me that your guitarist was from Russia, Does he give you guys a….worldly sound haha just joking. What kind of influence does he bring to the band?

(Aleksey) To start off I’m Ukrainian haha, and I don’t think I do, except for the occasional slip of my accent, and the random folk strumming, can’t say I bring much of an Slavic ethnic musical background to the mix, but it might be a good idea to try.

(Steve) Do you guys do your own recording? If so could you give any tips on to do this as a band starting out?

(Aleksey) Well our current tracks we have up, I did the recording for them, and this was the first time I’ve ever done this type of recording. I’m used to producing electronic style music, but live music was new to me. For the most part were going to be doing self-recordings. It’s cheaper and we have full control over the final sound. The only tips I got, is find the software you want to use, read up on it, or YouTube the shit out of it, and just get started on it, you’re not going to sound good at first, I guarantee it. A big tip I got when recording guitars, for each guitar part record it 4 times, pan one side all the way right, one all the way left, and the other two pan 75% in each direction. It will create a fuller sound, trust me on that, it’s the only reason our recordings sound half decent, and make sure in the mixing process you equalize everything and throw compressors on everything. Otherwise, the beauty of this age is that it is the information age, use the internet to your advantage, there isn’t anything you can’t learn online.

(Steve) You said you’ll be ready for shows this summer, do you have any lined up already or are you just waiting till you get to that step?

(Aleksey) We don’t have any lined up, but we have connects, Nick and our drummer have access to the whole upstate New York scene, and being from Brooklyn, I got a bunch of connects down there and other parts of the tri-state area. Plus, recently since the upload of our latest track, we have been offered shows left and right. So were not too worried about landing shows, were mostly concerned about finishing up our set, and being read

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