Luck Of The Punk: An Upstate sit-down with Lucky33

Listening to Lucky33 is like a day at the California beach. Sun shining, the salty sea breeze hitting you in the face, bombing down the concrete half-pipe and your hair whipping behind you.  Lucky33 is a four-piece punk band that hails from central New York, calling both Syracuse and Oswego home. They advertise a blend of old-school punk with an indie feel to create “our distinct sound.”  Upstate Metal’s own Steve Strader recently had the honor of chatting with the band’s bassist, Jared “Red”.

So how long have you cats been around?

“After a few line up changes, L33 as it is today has been together since April of 2011.”

Any side projects or past projects?

“Duff (lead guitarist) does all kinds of acoustic covers and posts them on YouTube and Facebook. One of his most popular ones is a Drake song. (Laughs). I’ve played in a bunch of bands. I’m much older than the other guys in the band. I started out in the ska/punk band Ill Nature, then the funkcore band Lost Soul Division in the ’90s and early 2000s. After that, I played in the metal band Adiel and most recently – before L33 – Damaged In Transit. While I was in DIT, I met Dustin while playing a show together at the Lost Horizon. He was in The Black Lockets. I eventually joined TBL while still in DIT, while they looked for a full time bass player. Shortly after that, Dustin left the Lockets and I left DIT. Dustin, Duff and Kyle all went to school together. They had started Lucky33 and I joined shortly after that.

So what band is your favorite?

“By far mine is L33, and I know the other guys agree! I’ve never been in a band with guys like this! We have great chemistry and energy. We get along great and we’re best buds outside of the band. The song writing is very easy and comes quick. Usually Duff writes something on the acoustic and brings it to us and we go from there. That kid can write a catchy song! After playing for over 15 years, I’m enjoying playing more than I ever have.”

How’s the pro-bono new logo coming along?

“(Laughs.) We got a few people making some. I was only half serious, [I did it} more to get people conversing with us.”

How’s the Guitar Center “Get Out of the Garage” contest coming along?

“It ended a while back, did it to get more exposure basically.”

If L33 were to be sponsored by a guitar company who would it be?

“Gibson, hands down.”

Anything coming out of the L33 compound we should be looking forward to?

“We’re going to start recording a full length [album] this winter, so keep a look out for that!  Hopefully some merch, once the logo is done. We’re gonna hit up the guys in SRT to do the shirts. Tons of shows for the New Year, I’d like to do a split EP with our bro’s in High Dive Horse.”

Any last words?

“You rock Stevo! Thanks for the interview and the support. See you in January for the Entropy show.”

For more information on the band, go visit their Facebook account.

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