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Otherwise, meaning other than supposed, different if you will. That is the best way to describe this incredible band, Otherwise. “We don’t really look like your typical rock band and we’re trying not to sound like your typical rock band. And there’s something for everybody, you might not get what you expect,” says Adrian Patrick, the band’s front man, to Upstate Metal’s Kate Drexel, on their tour bus. “At least that’s our goal, that’s one of our goals artistically.” It definitely seems like they have reached that goal with their ever-growing fan base.

Originally from Sin City, Las Vegas, Otherwise, consisting of the Patrick brothers, Adrian and Ryan (lead guitarist/vocals), Corky Gainsford (drummer/vocals), Andrew Pugh (guitarist/vocals), Vassilios Metropoulos (bass/vocals), has made their mark across the country, and touched the fans’ hearts with their sound and powerful lyrics. “It’s an amazing feeling to show at a place you’ve never really heard of, that you didn’t know existed. Then people there are singing back your words, even if it’s one person singing back your song lyrics, it’s still like, wow, that’s really happening.”

You may recognize one of their songs being played on Octane, one that has played for at least two years now, “Soldiers”. Back in October of 2011, during the 48 Hours Festival, the band met up with Jose Mangin, Sirius Octane’s program director who they had previously met at the Mayhem Festival in 2010, and while they were convening during the Sevendust set, they gave him a demo of the song. Adrian then tells the story about the song, adding, “it’s very spiritual.” “48 Hours Festival was the last show we got to do with our cousin, Ivan Patrick. He was our drum tech, he had a bunk on the bus, he was part of our crew for many, many years. Me and him are the exact same age, he was my twin, and two weeks later, he died on his bike on Halloween night, but before passing away, he came into Corky’s garage and he sang on ‘Soldiers’.”

For all the die-hard In This Moment fans, you may recognize Adrian’s killer vocals in the fiery passionate duet with Maria, “The Promise”, that was eventually followed by a steamy music video filled with spine-chilling primal screams. Definitely an amazing metal duet that’s hard to forget. However, Adrian revealed that he was not their first choice. “Initially, I was just supposed to be laying down guide-tracks for a more well-known singer, you know, they had a long list of people they were contacting and it just so happened that the planets aligned, with all the red-tape and the record labels and management and people’s schedules, and the label liked what I did enough to say, ‘Dude, this sounds great, let’s put him on the album.’” After “The Promise” was heard, those die-hard In This Moment fans became Otherwise fans as well.

Living in Vegas can have its perks, especially in mind-blowing experiences, ones where they have to be told in song. Some songs have a chilling effect, some have the effect of tugging the fans’ heartstrings (like “Heaven”), all of them have deep and powerful meanings, filled with Ryan’s amazing riffs, according to Adrian where their ideas come from. “Most of our ideas start with a riff that my brother has, he’s a very prolific writer. I mean, he picks up a guitar and a riff comes out and whether we use it or not, he’s always got some new ideas, so usually I’d say about 99% of the stuff is sparked. My brother is a spark, we all just kind of add to the fire…as far as lyric content goes, most of it is experiential, I write from experience. Although some guys are very good at telling a story about something they’ve never experienced or been through, …I try to stay away from that, because to me, it’s not genuine. Maybe it is genuine…to me it’s like I’m not gonna write about something I have no idea about.” The content of the lyrics are about those they have lost along the way to where they are now, about love, hate and anger. One of the songs they performed April 2nd at the Webster, was about an accident they should not have walked away from. These lyrics are the kind that really have the gears turned, that has everybody thinking about a deeper meaning behind these amazing words.

Otherwise has had the opportunity to tour with the Canadian rock band, My Darkest Days. When asked about the tour, Adrian explained that their booking agent from TKO Booking, Andrew Goodfriend, was the one that set that up. “A lot of times the next step is based on relationships…and that was a good tour for us, it was a lot of fun, a lot of small bars, a lot of cool clubs and a lot of great crowds.” Before their headline tour, Otherwise shared the stage with Papa Roach, and after their headline, they will continue to tour with the band as well as perform at the Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio this summer.


While touring all over the nation, quite a few venues stuck out for them such as Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD and Rock Junction in West Greenwich, RI. However, there is one that really hits home for them: The Roxy in Los Angeles. “It’s very special to us because that’s where we pretty much got signed out of and they always do a really good job with sound. They’re total pros and it’s always a great vibe.” It seems wherever this band goes, they manage to set an incredible vibe, one that makes you feel like they are truly connecting with their fans.

Be sure to check out Otherwise on their Facebook page (, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@weareotherwise) for tour dates and updates, and check out their debut record in stores now, True Love Never Dies.

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Media Credit – Annie Atlasman

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