EVERYONE DIES IN UTAH Coming to The Lost Horizon with Local Support From REDFIELD, MEIRA, TURN THE TIDE, and More

Up-and-coming post-hardcore sextet Everyone Dies In Utah is making a stop at The Lost Horizon in Syracuse on Saturday, April 6th as part of their Dark Hearts & Open Eyes Tour. Featured on the tour with them are pop-punk/rockers Bleach Blonde and hardcore powerhouse The Overseer. Joining them, and representing the Upstate metal scene very well, are local acts RedfieldMeira, and Turn the Tide. This show promises to be an exciting mix of metal and rock that features many hot new acts with promising futures. If you want to see some promising talent before everyone else has heard of them, here’s your chance.


Signed to Tragic Hero Records and with two albums released, Everyone Dies In Utah is starting to gain some ground. This band features solid, heavy verses and melodic, catchy choruses, balancing the two very well and keeping their musical doors open to experimentation. Killer riffs, pounding drums, powerful bass lines, strong vocals, and electronic dabbling all contribute to this band’s signature sound. If the humor in many of their song titles is any indication (e.g. “Bed, Bath & Beyonce”), then EDIU promises to put on a fun show that will get the energy going in the crowd.


To support the heavier side of the headlining act, The Overseer can definitely relate. Having just released their debut LP, We Search, We Dig, this band is ready to start making a splash. With their experimental metalcore sound, which many people compare to Underoath, they serve as a more than appropriate supporting act. Something tells me that these guys won’t continue to be a supporting act forever.


When it comes to making a splash, these guys have just started to get their feet wet. Yet to release an EP or LP, they have three songs on iTunes in a single. And you know what? It’s enough to get to know these guys. Bleach Blonde is undoubtedly the least heavy band on this tour, appealing more to the catchy side of EDIU. They have a light, fun, pop-punk sound that is a definite standout and they certainly have the potential to draw a much larger audience.


Upstate New York’s premier partycore band, Redfield is ready to take the stage again to support their upcoming EP. Having recently released two of the songs from it, these guys are certainly generating more buzz than ever before. Their electrifying stage presence and groovy metalcore sound will certainly bring the energy at this show, as they always promise to do.


Brutal metalcore hopefuls Meira are going to unleash havoc on the Lost Horizon at this show. Their debut EP, Closure, released in September of last year, was one of the best local releases of the year. Their live show is nothing short of the brutality they demonstrate on the EP, either. This is yet another band that ideally represents the Upstate metal scene with these national bands.


By far one of the fastest rising local bands of the last year, Turn the Tide are an excellent opening band to set the mood for the rest of the show. Yet, they have much more promise than to just be openers forever, and have already headlined a few shows in the short time they’ve been together. They are a hard-working band whose talent is only exceeded by their determination, planning to bring that to their debut EP this summer.

This show is going to be, without a doubt, a showcase for rising stars. The best time to see a band live is when they are still relatively unknown, because they have to work the hardest to make themselves known, and make fans out of the people who happen to be at their shows. Many of these bands are still trying to get their names out there to get more fans, and every one of them deserves it. If you want to see a show with high energy, a mix of sounds, and top-notch Upstate representation, then this is going to be the best way you could spend this Saturday.

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