Review: Last Under The Sun – Hooligan Jihad

Hooligan Jihad, released November 23rd 2012, by Last Under The Sun is fast-paced hardcore punk that doesn’t hold back.

Last Under The Sun is a four-piece band based out of Birmingham England. They performed their first show in October of 2001, and continued to play in Holland, Belgium, France and Germany. Over the years, two of their drummers passed away: Neil Farrington in 2009 and Samuel Fry in 2011.

The five-song album starts off with “More Helicopters” which has a strong anti-war message, clearly stated in the lyrics “I don’t wanna die in your fucking war,” and finishes with a two minute sum up of the album in their song “Hooligan Jihad.”

The instrumentation in this album is solid. The beats are fast and in your face, clearly synced well through the many years of musicianship this band has shared. They blend punk and hardcore nicely, in that when they’re not blasting away their punk beats, they’re getting you moving with a breakdown.

However, with the good comes the bad. The lead vocals don’t seem to fit with the punk feeling of the songs. They are hard and raw; almost a blend of the punk and the hardcore, which would fit better if they created slightly less dissonance with some of the melodic sections of the music.

Overall, Last Under The Sun doesn’t disappoint. They are a fast, raw, in your face blend that is sure to appeal to punk and hardcore fans alike. Be sure to check out their videos for “More Helicopters” and “Ok Bye” below, both of which were created by the band.

Last Under The Sun – “More Helicopters”

Last Under The Sun – Ok Bye

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