The Utica Music and Arts Festival explores new ways to bring the region together

A little something extra at this year’s Utica Music and Arts Festival!  The 1st Annual Industry Meet and Greet will be held at The Radisson Hotel, Friday, September 14th from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Every year, the organizing committee of the Utica Music and Arts Festival strives to create an experience not only enjoyable, but valuable to the artists we call family and the environment that makes or breaks them.  This year we take the time, in our 5th turn around the sun, to remember a commitment we hold dear: networking.

More than a festival experience, the UMAF has been structured from its inception to provide a plethora of opportunities for artists to meet and mingle with each other, make lasting connections with other artists they can continue to work with, form touring caravans, gig share, and join forces in a variety of ways.  We desire strongly that everyone cooperate and collaborate in an effort to become increasingly more self sustainable in a changing industry. The committee enthusiastically explores all options available to assist our family of artists in rebooking locally and attempts to place them in performance spaces most suited to that end.  Venturing further beyond that threshold, this year the team has conceptualized a pilot Industry Meet and Greet which will occur on Friday, September 14, 2012 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at festival headquarters, The Radisson.

All performers are invited to attend and gain access to professionals who may be able to advance your presence in Central New York.  We are happy to provide them for perusal should you have them in a compatible format.  This includes demos, business cards, download cards and other materials linking to online content, press kits both digital and physical, and mailing list information.

Members of the industry in the niches of booking, talent buying, press, and promotion have been invited to attend this two hour, informal gathering and to mingle with each other and our artist roster, exchange materials and contact information, and discuss strategies for continued success and experience in The Mohawk Valley and outlying points of New York State.  Invitations have are being sent out to specifically identified industry persons and these invitations will entitle their recipients to access any and all of the performances of over 200 artists over 3 days in Utica, NY and our first annual Industry Meet and Greet.  We mean to keep this informally structured, but are here to facilitate needs you may anticipate or encounter.  This even will foster increased cooperation between independent agencies operating in the Central and Upstate New York region so that we may all be successful in the endeavors that move us.

Please remember to keep on the cutting edge of information regarding the UMAF by checking the official website, joining our Google Plus Circle, and ‘liking’ our Facebook Page.

This embedded presentation will provide a few more details, as will the article available on the festival’s website.

Let’s prove you can do business, earn your living, and have a great time all at the same time and let’s explore even more ways we can cooperate together at this year’s UMAF!

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