51BassCamp Festival Review

This past weekend, Maple Ski Ridge in Rotterdam, NY, held for the second time a one day, multi-stage, all night rager. 51BassCamp called the summer slopes home that day and night on Saturday August 25th. There was the main stage set up outside, under a tent at the foot of slope surrounded by artists doing live art. The lodge was transformed into a dark, dance cave complete with concession stand and the entertainment corner. With ice cold Magic Hats and hot bass music being pumped out all day, concert goers had it made in the shade. Starting early in the afternoon, a small crowd danced inside and under the main tent, while a number of people enjoyed laying on blankets all over the slopes, soaking up the scene outside.

Besides, the main music attractions, there were plenty of other activities to keep the audiences happy. A hookah lounge was set up by Spiritual Haze from Worcester, Ma, providing multiple flavors and hookahs unlimited all evening. The infamous Tree Shurts had their iconic Winnibaker set up and ready to sell their tasty tee-shirts. One of the more popular booths was Beacon in the Dark Blacklight Collective. The small operation had two areas set up for face and body painting, with both Christian Diaz and Chris VanderEssen providing their creative paint brushes. Christian Diaz enjoys watching his art come to life on people and its a nice reward to see the art work evolve.

Alan Claw Letko was the first act I was able to see on the outside main stage around 4. He is known for his heavy dupstep music with remixes inspired by hip-hop and rap. Together, Claw and Richie August form Hulk, a intense sound of bass and pure rage. It’s noise that fills you with an irresponsible anger you never knew you had and must be taken out on the dance floor. Heading inside, I was lucky to catch the ending set of Mikey Parkay, a DJ who has traveled coast to coast in the states as well as Canada. Parkay brings a variety of music to his performances, a great way to ease into the evenings festivities. Heavy on the funk and disco, Parkay mixes classic hits with a fast paced energetic sound.

Everyone could feel the electricity in the air as the sun began to set, the universal sign that it’s party time. The slopes were light up by Dutch Masterson Designs and it was truly breathtaking to watch colors and shapes shoot across the hillside, almost like a multi-colored meteor shower. Horizon Wireless took the main stage at 7 and set the bar high for the evening. Horizon Wireless consists of DJ, Harrison Waxenberg, and Drummer, Sol Montoya who blend together a wide variety of sounds that grabs the listener by the chest as they get thrown into the music. A non stop thrill ride that Horizon Wireless can barely control themselves.

As the mountains were laced with lasers, the ski lounge dripped with bright neon lights and paint, proving that the best was yet to come of the festival. Sweatpant$ Money, recently voted Best Name in Albany’s Metroland Best of Issue last month, performed to a packed glowing dance floor. Providing electronic music and noises that had the audience moving in a almost synchronized dance together, proving that Sweatpant$ Money is more than just a cool name. Cosmic strips, the one man producer from Pennsylvania, knows how to manipulate the crowd with his passionate spinning. Constantly pushing and pulling on the audiences heads and hearts with the sounds that lift you off the ground only to drop you.
51BassCamp was a festival with an ideal location, small crowd and relaxed yet enthusiastic attitude, best described as “The Biggest VIP Party.” In such an intimate setting, fans had the chance to interact with their favorite DJs and producers, plus be introduced to up and coming new sounds. The event was also a great opportunity for everyone involved in the industry to come together and create friendly new networks. If concert goers are looking to experience the Bass-sensation without being fully submerged in the beat, 51BassCamp is worth every penny.

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