Skrillex Heated up The Armory in Albany on his Mothership Tour June 3rd

The mighty Skrillex crash-landed his Mothership Tour at The Washington Armory in Albany last night with the help of DJ friends, Milo & Otis, What So Not, and DJ Snake. The Mothership Tour almost needs a dozen tracker trailers to carry all the lights and sound equipment, plus a massive generator to power up the unforgettable show. The vibrations you will hear and feel from the speakers on the Mothership Tour are similar to a pleasurable earthquake. Skrillex and the EDM genre as a whole attracts a special kind of crowd, mostly in their late teens and 20s, clothed with eye-catching neon, lots of glitter and brightly colored beads. The Capital District hasn’t been too fond of the raves hosted at The Armory for the past few months, but luckily this show went off stress-free.

DJ Snake (Photo credit: Jim ‘JT’ Gilbert)

The Milo & Otis duo was a great start to the night with fast paced dance beats and techno tunes that helped the ravers loosen up for the long night ahead of them. What So Not mixed heavy bass notes with soaring vocals that released an animal-like dark side into the crowd who ate it up. As the night progressed, the audience grew, and DJ Snake took the stage for a set of blaring techno and extreme lasers. DJ Snake got the biggest response out of the crowd when we started up his latest collaboration with Lil Jon, “Turn Down for What”. The rebellious chant got the masses screaming with their hands up in delightful angst.

After much cheering and being egged on by DJ Snake, Skrillex leapt on stage to do what he does best, melt faces and blow minds with his hard hitting electronic music. It was hard to tell who was having the better time, the ravers or Skrillex. His hands were all over his mixing tables, even standing atop of them as he amped up the crowd and leapt off just as the music would drop. The consistent climaxes kept everyone moving and the smoke machine blasts were also a crowd pleaser. The massive back drop was a rainbow of lights or showcased images of iconic pop culture; either way it went was a thrill to watch, especially to watch a slow motion of Family Matter’s Urkel and Full House’s Uncle Jesse break it down. Skrillex mixed fresh beats with popular songs that sent the crowd into a frenzy such as Damien Marley’s “Welcome to JamRock” and even the opening theme from The Lion King with a rising sun backdrop. He slams his entire body on that stage, supplies everyone with a powerful energy of music and compliments Albany on being the “hottest” stop on his tour, as it’s apparent that everyone is soaked in sweat. A Skrillex show has everything that young American’s are all about: loud music, robots, lasers and a carefree party attitude.

Skrillex (Photo credit: Jim ‘JT’ Gilbert)

Whether you love or hate the EDM scene, Skrillex is a must see act. It’s empowering to watch any artist do what they love, but with Skrillex, you can appreciate his audience control and interaction. His stage presence is almost as big as the bass bombs he drops. Here’s hoping the Capital District will continue to host these EDM events for respectable ravers seeking a bizarrely fun journey into the livetronica world.

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