Aqueous: Live Nugs Volume III

The third live release from Buffalo’s Aqueous was recently released at moe.down 13, coinciding with their two sets on Saturday afternoon. The six tracks of the album were recorded in New Philly, Ohio on June 2nd and in Baltimore on July 25th of this year. Aqueous has a prog-rock base with improvisation that incorporates funk and rock riffs into ten minute-plus compositions when played live. Offered up as a ‘name your own price’ album, fans across Upstate New York should download this live album and familiarize themselves with Aqueous, as upcoming tours take them across the state and into New England. Aqueous looks to be one of the next bands to break out and this album shows why.

“Warren in the Window” leads off the album with 12 minutes of solid prog-rock without a dull moment. Fans of Twiddle will here a little familiarity, as will Umphrey’s McGee fans, but they do not sound just like either of these acts, but the influence is apparent and a positive welcome to the album. “Gordon’s Mule” continues the prog-rock journey while “Below the Funk” heats up the album and likely many rooms the band has played. With the casual line “So pass the joint” repeated a few times, “Below the Funk” references the band’s native Buffalo, the type of song that a band like Aqueous  will precede them and contribute to an already positive reputation for solid live performance. “Eon Don” contained a tight jam while “Timmy’s Blades” was a short, succinct, progressive instrumental that slowly grows into a fast paced, electric ode to Rush. “Triangle” is the highlight of the album, growing its pace into an anthemic guitar led track, with good vocals taboot.

Key Tracks: Below the Funk, Triangle

Download the album on their website here and check them out on Facebook