SmashMouth Takes Us Back to the 90s

Albany had the opportunity to host one of the 90’s greatest pop rock bands, SmashMouth on Thursday July 26th. Albany’s weekly music events, Alive at Five, are usually held down at the Albany Riverfront Park. However, with a forecast of harsh winds, rain, hail and a possible tornado, the city moved the event into the Times Union Center. Despite the dark clouds and weather warnings, the crowd couldn’t be kept away.

Smash Mouth is lead singer Steve Harwell, Paul DeLisle on Bass, Mike Krompass on Guitar, Michael Klooster playing keys and Randy Cooke on Drums, and they took the stage to a excited, crowded arena. With Steve lifting his red solo cup, it was the signal the audience was waiting for, to get the party started. SmashMouth began the set playing some of their classic hits, ‘Can’t Get Enough of you Baby’, ‘Then the Morning Comes’ and ‘Walking on the Sun.’ SmashMouth reigns from California, explaining their relaxed harmonies, Americana guitar rifts and catchy, youthful lyrics. With the band’s rendition of The Kinks, ‘Girl, you really got me’, Bob Marley’s ‘Is this love’ and The Monkees ‘I’m a Believer’, everyone had the opportunity to sing along. The surprise of the night was the performance of a brand a new song ‘Magic’, off their newest album set to drop September 4th. With much build up from Krompass’ guitar solo as well as Klooster’s organ solo, the encore erupted into their number one hit, ‘All Star.’ SmashMouth seemed overjoyed with the audience response and Harwell cheered, “We’re back, b*#$%es!!”

The band’s reputation for bringing the good vibes and party attitude is still as fresh as it was in the 90s. Despite having lost band members and being dropped from their original label, SmashMouth can take a hit and keep going, very suiting to the band’s name. SmashMouth will be making a few stops in the United States, coast to coast, before touring around Austrailia. More information can be found on their website,

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