OLLOCS’ self titled EP is tight, intricate, exploratory in nature

There is nothing I love more than receiving an assignment to cover progressive instrumental rock music. Hailing from North Babylon, NY, Ollocs is a band of incredible poise and purpose. In their short time together as a band, the band has shared the stage with Taproot, Shadow Eden, and Sevendust, among others.

After your first listen, you will realize that the appeal of the band lies in how intriguing their writing is. Although the band does have an edge that is on the heavier side of the rock spectrum, I hear major influence of the world’s progressive titans in every song. When hearing the soaring guitar tracks on this EP, the spirit of gentlemen like Robert Fripp, John Petrucci, and Steve Howe come to mind. It is undeniable that the band is highly influenced by the songs of Tool and Dream Theater. They also sound like many bands that may not be of  any influence to them. Hosemobile and Don Caballero came to mind in regards to comparisons during multiple listens as well.

In any case, the music on this EP is tight, intricate, and exploratory in nature. The creative vision of Ollocs is best represented on tracks like, “Cinque,” and “Til Dawn.” On these tracks, the band weaves together tight knit compositions that lunge from quiet to hyper in approach. They play with a virtuosity that their peers can envy and take notice of.

I am waiting for the day when I can see this band in the live setting. Note to the dudes of Ollocs: book some upstate shows! There is a market up here for you. The time is now! Check out the EP on the band’s Facebook or Reverbnation page. You will not regret the decision.


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-Erik Jensen

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