Jon Strader of NO TRIGGER discusses pressures with new album, “Tycoon” to be released February 21st

No Trigger is a punk band from Worcester, Mass. Formed in 2000, they recorded two demos which they later remastered, compiled and released as Extinction in Stereo and toured extensively. After signing to Nitro Records, they released Canyoneer in March of 2006 and again toured extensively. Then they went silent. Rumors swirled that they’d broken up. Suddenly in 2010 No Trigger announced they would be recording a new full length with the original lineup. In the meantime, they released a 7″ on Mightier Than Sword records called Be Honest. I had a chance to talk with guitarist Jon Strader.
Brian: Tycoon is your first full length release in 5 years. After so long, what was it like writing and recording a new album?

Jon: A big relief. Honestly, a lot of the ideas, parts, and some of the songs have been floating around for years now. To have them finally tracked, was the best feeling. We even recorded the first song we ever wrote as a band.

Brian: The punk scene has changed a lot in those five years. Do you feel that’s effected your songwriting process at all and if so, how?

Jon: I don’t think it has changed our song writing process. Tycoon is a No Trigger record. What’s amazing is seeing the style genre that is booming now. There are so many great bands coming out making killer records that sound like we are back in late 90’s early 2000 punk. It’s about time.

Brian: Canyoneer is one of my all time favorite albums, did you feel a lot of pressure to match or exceed it this time around?

Jon: Well thank you. That is the reason why we knew we needed to get this record finished. Of course there is pressure. We wrote Canyoneer almost 7 years ago now. The maturity in our song writing and lyrics can definitely be heard on this record. We actually have all the original members back in the band who recorded Canyoneer. The pressure comes from our only full length being able to carry us for this long. We knew we had to exceed that to carry us another 7 at least.

Brian: With so many bands who consider No Trigger an influence, who do you consider your biggest influences as a band?
Jon: We all grew up listening to basically the same bands. We are very much influenced by the early Fat Wreck / Epitaph rosters. Those bands paved the way for all of us starting out. When you start touring with other bands and they become bands you can connect with, I think those become our biggest influences.
Brian: I recently saw you play at Bogies in Albany, NY with A Wilhelm Scream and After the Fall, what would you consider your favorite bands to tour with?

Jon: Our brothers in AWS have been around with us from the start. We come from the same Massachusetts mentality. It just works. We also have traveled the world with Set Your Goals. Those have been some of the most memorable times to date.

Brian: If there was one band from when you started playing shows you could make reunite to play with again, who would it be?

Jon: Marathon from Rochester, NY. Members have gone on to play in Polar Bear Club and Attica! Attica! but we all know that. Right!?

Brian: Tycoon comes out February 21st on No Sleep Records, what’s next for you guys after the release?

Jon: We are currently sorting out some worldwide excursions of course. CD release shows are being planned for March as well. Hopefully we’ll be back to Fest in Florida this October. That’s the best weekend to look forward to all year.

Brian: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview!
To preorder Tycoon:​artist/No-trigger

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