Ithaca, New York is easily one of the best places for creativity and musical diversity on the face of this planet. It is of no surprise that a band like Ayurveda has endured and succeeded in such an environment. The band is the pinnacle of all things good that revolve around art, rock, and the combination of the two art forms. The band is firmly on it’s way to great things, as they have toured nationally within the last year. Now the country has finally received a great taste of the creativity that the band possesses. This five piece from the Southern Tier’s favorite city, is on it’s way to being a major player in the progressive and art rock scene globally. I can be quoted warmly on this statement!

On their debut album, the critically acclaimed, “Being,” the band introduced themselves to the world with the help of Alex Perialas. If you are not familiar with Perialas, this legend has worked on many albums from acts such as Anthrax, Testament, and Bad Brains. While most acts in the prog metal genre share their love of dark tones and dark musical imagery, Ayurveda’s message is one of positive overtones and spiritual awakening. You would expect that from a band who’s name means, “the knowledge of life,” in it’s Sanskrit origin.

The band became one when Shikhar Bajracharya and Diwas Gurung met Tom Burchinal and formed a three piece which featured a round robin of rotating drummers and bassists. During the recording of “Being,” the band recruited Mike Parker and Tom Halperin to round out the band roster you have today. In their Sonic Bids press kit, the sound they have created is described as “Filling the void between Radiohead and Tool since 2005.” I am not so sure there is another way you could so elegantly describe what they do. This pretty much sums it up, but this band is more progressive than both of those other bands combined. The musical complexity and lyrical importance is on par with both of those bands. I am not alone in thinking this from a critical standpoint. The accolades pour in constantly for this band.

With five studio releases over the last six years, the band has come full circle musically. They also have built a cult following that seems to get substantially larger with every tour that they go on. The band’s 2010 release, the unbelievably ambitious H. Luminous raises the bar to a whole new level. The 25 minute album that is based around the Mayan Long Count Calendar, takes the idea of a concept record to dizzying new heights. Thematically, the album is based around astronomical and spiritual transformations predicted by the Mayans. The year of prophetic chaos is 2012, the end of the 5,125 year cycle of the Mayan Calendar. Burchinal described this as a theory that is based in the now, and not necessarily 2012.

“It’s about 2010. It’s about the ongoing struggle within everybody to transform themselves for the better. That struggle is timeless.”

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-Erik Jensen

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