Featured Band: The Harteck

Hooray for somewhat new bands that kick ass out of the gate. That is the story that is becoming a reality in the southern tier city of Elmira. In a short period of just about six months, The Harteck has achieved success that few of their peers have seen in such a minimal amount of time.

The journey started back in June of this year. An impromptu jam session between friends would ultimately lead to the creation of The Harteck. These friends, who were already established in many different bands of varying genres, agreed that they had something aggressively diverse to give the scene. After a few tweaks here and there, the band is completely ready to roll now.

On January 14th, the band will release their debut EP, 490, on Irrelephant Records. Upon the album’s release, the band will set it’s sights on touring the Northeast. With management company, The Truth By Blood Agency handling the booking chores, there is no telling where the band will end up over the next year.

Check out this great hardcore/metal band online!


Jeremy Stanton- Vocals
Nick Bollock- Guitar
Josh Wolcott- Guitar
Tim Mucci- Drums
Brad Moore – Bass




-Erik Jensen