Bands come together, raise over $1,500 in memory of Zachary Blanchard

As long as there has been life, there has been loss. And when tragedy strikes we are forced to face elements of mortality that make us feel weak. The thoughts of an existence taken so quickly, swiftly and without justification. All is lost; our outlook on life becomes bleak. October 28th, 2011 brought so much discord amongst the friends, family and peers of Zachary Blanchard. A young life ended so abruptly. As many sat back in dismay and watched as the world around them crashed, hearts were coming together. And as an epilogue is to only the greatest of albums, the closure was to the book of this life, a serenade that embraced the hearts of those pleading for answers.

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 marked a celebration of life within The Dungeon in Watertown, N.Y. hosted what was known as a benefit for Zachary’s family. Local bands flooded the stage with an outpouring of support for this family. Set after set, delivering their best performances to an on looking crowd. Fans gathered around the stage. Singing along, moshing in glory of a beautiful life. Zachary will never be forgotten.

The sponsors, bands, promoters, all donated their time to be a part of something bigger. Together, this event raised over fifteen-hundred dollars for Zach’s mother and father to help their sons memory live on and help cover the expenses incurred by the loss of their son. The lineup consisted of six local to regional bands who donated their time and effort to make this happen. The show opened with This Above All, followed by Razed in Hell. Both of these bands created the atmosphere of intensity that was to be followed by the acts to come. Chaotic Embrace was delicately woven into the mix of the bill and delivered a fantastic live set, as can be expected of this magnificent trio. Still Rings True and Landslide Victory pulled in the diversity and displayed excellent acts of musicianship. With raffles sprinkled in between sets, a video montage to honor Zach’s life, Maps of War and Thoughts in Reverse took their place on the stage to help close up a night to remember.
It’s times and circumstances like these that bring friends, families and peers together. And although they are tragic, discouraging, and saddening it’s a reality in life that we must face. We all die. Our lives at some point will come to an end and what will live is the memory of what we created. I personally got involved in music because of the unity you can expect within the scene. The way if one person falls in the pit, another is there to lend a hand. (Even though he may be the one knocking you down next) No monetary gain can ever bring back the emptiness a parent, sibling or any other family member feels. But as a group of caring people who come together to create a supporting embrace when we have a fallen friend, we can set a higher standard.
I personally would like to thank Matthew Salter for putting the show together; he put a majority of his time into this. The bands, This Above All, Razed in Hell, Chaotic Embrace, Still Rings True, Landslide Victory, Maps of War, and Thoughts in Reverse, your immense generosity is an example for other bands to follow. All the sponsors who donated to the raffles, volunteers who donated their time in helping promote this and The Dungeon at Velocity for allowing us the use of their venue. I know myself, from Upstate Metal felt honored to be a part in such an amazing event. Together, over fifteen hundred dollars was raised to help Zachary’s family. I’d also like to thank Zach’s parents, siblings and family for giving us Zach. I know he was a truly loved member of this scene, and in spirit he will always be a part of every show. I can’t fully express the inspiration you all have instilled within me. Zach will never be forgotten. Below I have placed the video montage that was made in Zach’s memory. Please take a moment and watch it, celebrate with us as we mourn the loss of a truly amazing person.

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-Christine Palmer