The Native American Music Awards Postponed Indefinitely

The Native American Music Awards (NAMA) announced the postponement of their 20th annual awards show indefinitely. The show was scheduled to take place in late November but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are postponing due to safety and finical concerns. The NAMA intends to plan, present virtual events, and enhanced online activities in 2021.

The NAMA requires a lot of preparation, travel and pre-production work. Presenting their annual awards program, coupled by the industry’s uncertainty, The Native American Music Awards Association felt the need to cancel this year’s festivities. As an all volunteer organization, they do not qualify for available emergency funding such as; the Paycheck Protection Program and because of this they don’t have the funding to prepare, travel and pre-production work right now. However, they will continue to rely on the support of their members and sponsors for their upcoming programs. Currently there is no official date for the postponement but the association hopes to be back in 2021.

All music submissions for the 2020 award show have been postponed until further notice. The host of the event, Seneca Niagara Casino Entertainment, informed The NAMA Association that they are not rescheduling their events for the remainder of 2020 despite their best efforts to reopen in New York which leaves the association in an indefinite postponement until further notice. 

For more information visit The Native American Music Awards’ website.

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