An Exciteable Crowd got into Vintage Trouble at The Hollow Bar

With an energetic 60s rock sound and a crowd that gave as good as they got, Vintage Trouble put an impressive performance September 28 at The Hollow Bar in Albany. Amid The Swing House Sessions Tour, in support of their latest album, Vintage Trouble drew upon influences that spanned genres that developed in the ’60s, including Little Richard, Albert King, The Rolling Stones and Smoky Robinson as they put forth a powerhouse 90 minute show.

Lead singer Ty Taylor channels Marvin Berry (think Back to the Future) and his cousin Chuck, engaging with the crowd, who quickly became the 5th member of the band. Taylor has the stage presence of a 1960s band leader, and alongside Nalle Colt (guitar), Rock Barrio Dill (bass) and Richard Danielson (drums), put forth a sound that could have been made by another five or more musicians on stage – the sound was that big. “Low down Dirty Dog” had a rockabilly blues vibe, while “Pelvis Pusher” appropriately channeled Little Richard.

Mixing the show up with some acoustic songs, the break served to drive the crowd’s attention to a couple of ballads that reeked of pain and loss. The song titles alone in this middle part of the show – “Never Mine,”  “Another Man’s Words,” “You Save Me” and “Still Always” could have been a part of a relationship exit interview. “You Save Me” was most notable for a Peter Gunn-esque bass line from Dill.  “Run Like the River” had a (likely) Hollow Bar first – Taylor walked through the crowd, found his way up to the small balcony in front of the soundboard and sang to the crowd a most energetic call and response.

“Nobody Told Me” the ballad of the night, hinted at Smoky Robinson influence while “Strike Your Light” began with a tribal surf rock before moving into swing rock, giving a nod to Chubby Checkers “Twist” in both energy and music, leading to a college professor crowd dancing with abandon. The encore of “Total Strangers” found the band walking off the stage, once again through the crowd, serenaded by “Na na na na na na” capping an evening with a welcome surprise on a Sunday night in Albany.

Setlist: High Times, Blues Hand me Down, Nancy Lee, Low Down Dirty Dog, Pelvis Pusher, Never Mine*, Another Man’s Words*, You Save Me*, Still and Always*, Lo & Behold, Run Like the River, Nobody Told Me, Tear Drops, Strike Your Light
Encore: Total Strangers

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