Hearing Aide: Monotronic “Sun Song”

Appearing first with a gently phased guitar, the newest single, “Sun Song,” from NYC based indie outfit Monotronic thumps the low end frequencies for the opening minute.

With a beautifully brassy lead vocal, the latest release seems a breath of fresh air to the often nasal driven and female voiced genre. Skillfully produced, the dynamic shifts with the chorus to a major key pop groove reminiscent of your favorite 90’s hits before snapping shut to the second verse. 

Bandleader Ramsey Elkholy displays tight songwriting with attention grabbing vocal melodies that seem designed to ping around your head for the rest of the day. His use of weaved vocals on the final chorus punctuates that display near perfectly. 

Monotronic comprises a collective of NYC musicians, seemingly embracing the culture of Empire State artists synergistically growing together. At 3:30, their single leaves nothing to be desired except repeated plays and a follow up release. 

Listen to “Sun Song” by Monotronic below.

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