The Mastery of Mach Hommy

Building buzz boils down to the person who strikes awe within fans. The one who puts people in seats and keeps them on their feet. An individual that rejects all societal constructs when it comes to traditional musical approaches goes by the name of Mach Hommy. Much of the time he creates masterpieces without any features except for his latest album, #RichaxxHaitian.

You might have seen a Mach Hommy vinyl on a Viceland show with 2 Chainz. Furthermore, the quality of music certainly magnifies the enjoyment for any listener. This man proves his brilliancy within bright pockets of sound sampling. 

Discussion about Mach Hommy as the only man capable of licensing lathe cut technology to cut grooves into vinyl rather than press.

Speaking the Homily

Mach weaves intricate textures and interwoven patterns within each record. Realistically, nobody within any sector – underground, mainstream, drill – raps smoother than Mach Hommy and collaborators alike. 

Mach Hommy

You may have heard Mach Hommy mentioned within the same breath as Your Old Droog [YOD] 

YOD, Mach and Tha God Fahim share the DUMP mentality. Every great artist pushes themselves through a phase where they become comfortable being uncomfortable. Each one of these three artists pushed through a time where they released multiple projects within one year. Hence, they DUMPed on the game given the quality in relation to timespan.

“I’d rather pay double for half the time.”

Mach Hommy on TIME

Mainly, Mach Hommy plays a pivotal role within any room. His collaborations with Your Old Droog firmly reject traditional musical methods with nonconformist demeanors. From the sounds of it, Droog stayed independent thanks in great part to wisdom imparted by the omnipotent DUMP Gawd himself – Mach Hommy.

The most fascinating elements become illuminated when Mach Hommy comes near the function. Details are normally what many people fail to recognize. Crucially, tonal perception and vocabulary determines the depth by which a listener comprehends wordplay.

Details by way of Tyron de Harlem chronically affect the timeline by which this author discovered Mach Hommy. Normally, one journalist sees another journalist taking ATV rides with an artist yet to reveal his face and they tend to take a look. Insofar, the pen of this author understands and circulates wisdom as well.

This album deserves an archival article/zine concept.

Basically, this collection of songs starts off with great amplitude of tribal type hymnals. As it progresses, the sound really transfixes the audience. Here are a few tracks that proved rewind worthy.

Mach Hommy
Mach Hommy [L] in the studio with Black Thought [R]

Rewind Worthy Tracks off #RichaxxHaitian

Sur Le Pont d’Avignon [Reparation #1]” was produced by Conductor Williams and serves as a calm coastable record. This track sets the tone for transition as the seventh track amidst a collection of exotic tunes. 

RichaxxHaitian” produced by Kaytranada radiates as an absolute bop.

Lon Lon” – “He said my DNA wasn’t royal he’s a peasant.”

Guggenheim Jeune” – “Hommy smilin at your maker I spearheaded my kind with more lines than a comet in the sky you had to pay us.”

Copy Cold” – “State of the art business ain’t that stupendous.”

Mach opened up this album for features and it paid off in a major way. Shouts go out to an artist who uplifts his community, empowers others and knocks down doors for himself and everyone in his camp.

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