Mach-Hommy Releases New Album ‘#Richaxxhaitian’

On the eve of Haitian Flag Day, Haitian-American rapper Mach-Hommy released #Richaxxhaitian, bringing another edition to his extensive and culturally aware discography. Additionally, this latest LP is the New Jersey native’s first solo project since 2021’s Balens Cho and Pray For Haiti, the latter of which brought the purposefully reclusive rapper mainstream acclaim.

Mach-Hommy album cover
Mach-Hommy returns with his first solo project since 2021.

Donning his trademark Haitian flag over his face on the album cover, this latest 17-track, 47-minute project is kaleidoscopic in sound with varying musical themes throughout the album, giving the feel of a true feature presentation. However, Mach always returns to the themes of Haiti and its current social-political upheaval. Moreover, the proud Haitian rapper continues to bar music websites from transcribing his lyrics. Thus his weaving in-and-out between english and creole throughout the album maintains some form of mystique for non-creole speakers, inhibiting them in understanding but not in the overall listening experience. Nonetheless, Mach recruits the likes of Black Thought, Roc Marciano, Your Old Droog and frequent collaborator, Tha God Fahim to add to the overall lyrical experience for the album. Meanwhile, Conductor Williams adds his touch of slightly aged production to offer that raw, gritty, authentic feel to the album.

Although Mach-Hommy isn’t much for promo, he released a music video for the song “#Richaxxhaitian.” An uptempo, groovy track, it’s a departure from Mach’s usual tone, however the green and mountainous scenery and theme of the record reflect what Mach is trying to present in the name of the song and the album.

All in all, with no online presence, Mach-Hommy leaves his work to be consumed and debated with no input from him or anyone from his team. As a result he has pigeonholed himself a space in the creative hip hop lane.

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