In Focus: Hozier Captivates With 4 Nights at Forest Hills Stadium for Unreal Unearth Tour

Queens’ Forest Hills Stadium was a fitting venue for folk-rock singer-songwriter Hozier‘s Unreal Unearth tour, with the artist playing four back-to-back shows beneath picturesque sunsets in the open air stadium.

Photo by Molly Higgins

Hozier’s New York City dates kicked off June 4, and the atmosphere was cozy as hundreds of fans dressed in whimsical, earth-toned outfits to match the artist’s aesthetic packed the venue.

The artist made his first entrance with his 2024 hit “Too Sweet,” which he noted was his first song to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. His soulful vocals and expert instrumental skills were captivating, whether he was belting out “Francesca” with a stronger rock influence, or softly strumming “Cherry Wine” from the B-stage with a single acoustic guitar.

Hozier’s stage presence was humble yet commanding—between songs, he addressed the audience like old friends. But when each number started, the crowd was left transfixed by the sheer power of his vocals. Fans swayed, sang along, and then exploded into applause between each song as the sun set over Forest Hills.

Hozier’s ongoing tour in support of his 2023 album Unreal Unearth includes three more shows at Forest Hills Stadium June 5, 7, and 8, and is currently scheduled to continue through late November. Additional New York dates include July 7 in Bethel.

Hozier – Forest Hills Stadium – June 4, 2024

Setlist: Too Sweet, Jackie and Wilson, To Be Alone, Dinner & Diatribes, Wildflower and Barley (with Allison Russell), Francesca, Eat Your Young, Cherry Wine, Unknown/Nth, De Selby (Part 1), De Selby (Part 2), From Eden, Would That I, Almost (Sweet Music), It Will Come Back, Movement, Take Me to Church, Like Real People Do, Nina Cried Power, Happy Birthday to You (sung to the tour’s lighting crew chief Kitty Hoffman), Work Song (with Allison Russell)

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