Brooklyn Made Presents: Future City Lounge 3 DJ sets

Brooklyn Made Presents will host Future City Lounge 3, a DJ event right in Bushwick, Brooklyn on June 1.

Future City will feature four different dj sets at 8 p.m. including Baba G, Ben Atkind, Cloudchord and Horizon Wireless. This is the third Feature City show that the independent venue has hosted. Artists like Gaby Moreno, Sir Woman and KYLE have also taken the Brooklyn stage.

Brooklyn Made is making this DJ event different from other sets in the NYC area. Alongside the DJs there will be live drummer team-ups, giving more of a chance for collaborative efforts.

Baba G, also known as Jon Barber of the Disco Biscuits, mixes live instrumentation, techno tracks and tracks from the Disco Biscuits themselves. Each show is distinct in its improvisation and unique blends. Barber will also be performing later that month on June 7 at Bearsville theater in Woodstock, NY, giving upstate fans a chance to hear his music.

CloudChord, or Derek VanScoten, is an Emmy Award winning musician from Austin, Texas. His music is inspired by his Jazz and classical guitar studies and he has made a name for himself in the lo-fi pop world. He has reached a wide audience with over 100 million streams. 

Founding member of Goose, Ben Atkind is another genre mixing artist set for Future City. As a Boston native he went to Berklee College of Music to study drum performance. 

Horizon Wireless are the Brooklyn Made’s resident DJs. The Duo Harrison Waxenberg (DJ/Producer) and Daniel Scott Lyons (Drummer/Producer) mix house, techno and hip-hop beats to create high energy dance sets. In 2019 they released their debut album Welcome to the Network and most recently in 2023, they released the EP Our Nation is Imagination.
For more information and to purchase tickets you can go to the Brooklyn Made Presents website.

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