Study Taylor Swift at St. Bonaventure University’s Power of Pop Culture Class

St. Bonaventure University has announced it is offering a new course this spring semester on the power of pop culture, studying everything from the Taylor Swift effect to the impact of protest music during the Vietnam War era, and the influence pop culture has on the media and public policy.

Taylor Swift at Metlife Stadium, photograph by David Reichmann.

As reported in New York Upstate, the new class will examine a variety of scenarios, including how politicians use appearances on entertainment shows to avoid media scrutiny, the impact of celebrities on public policy, and actors turned politicians. The big selling point for most people will be the phenomenon of Taylor Swift and her tremendous impact on the music industry and popular culture.

“The lines between entertainment and politics have always been blurry, but the distinction is even less clear today,” said Richard Lee, the professor behind the course. “The class will help us understand how we arrived at where we are today, as well as where we are headed tomorrow.”

This isn’t the first New York college to launch a course about Swift, New York University’s Clive Davis Institute introduced its first-ever course on her a few years ago. The class covered her evolution as a music entrepreneur, the legacy of pop and country songwriters, youth and girlhood discourses, and race politics in contemporary popular music.

For more information about St. Bonaventure University, visit here.

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