Jim Jones Makes Loyalties Clear with Pusha T Stance

Jim Jones continues to make the airwaves with his unfiltered take on Vibe and Billboard’s list of the 50 Greatest Ever Rappers. The list — which was part of a collaborative effort to celebrate Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary — named Jay – Z as the genre’s greatest ever MC. However, it was Pusha T’s ranking that raised ire of the “We Fly High” rapper. Coming in at number 29, Pusha T’s career as a member of the Clipse (alongside his brother Malice) and his solo work on GOOD Music has made him a staple of hip hop lore. Yet, Jim Jones doesn’t see it as such and on an episode of The RapCaviar Podcast, the Dipset member aired out his true feelings.

“What has he done that puts him in the greatest rappers of all time besides talk about coke that he probably didn’t get himself?” Jones asked. “He’s nice as shit. He could rap his ass off, but what has he done?

“Nobody has dressed like him. Nobody wants to be like Pusha T. I don’t remember nothing. And let’s not be evil, but we don’t talk about rap where the n-gga that’s popping the bitches wanna fuck and the n-ggas wanna be like.”

He continued: “I don’t know too many n-ggas in this game that was leaning towards being like Pusha T. Pusha T don’t hold no weight out here. He not pushing no shit out here.”

Jim Jones Doubles Down on The Breakfast Club

Jim Jones then rehashed the sentiments during an appearance on The Breakfast Club. Confronted by DJ Envy and Charlemagne Tha God about the controversial stance, the Harlem MC colorfully reiterated himself. For the purpose of his argument, Capo focused solely on radio play and club records.

“Could you name five Pusha T records?” Jones asked The Breakfast Club staff. “Could you name five Pusha T records? No. Could you rap to five Pusha T records?” After Charlemagne named several standout Pusha T records, Jones dismissed Charlemagne as a Pusha T fan and joked about him listening to the records in his basement.

While Jim Jones acknowledged Pusha T’s talent as a lyricist, he said he hasn’t made enough of a cultural impact to be considered an all-time rap great.

“Shoutout to Pusha T, I love your soul,” Jones continued. “You my dawg, you not in my top 50. You might be in Charlamagne’s top 50 and things like that, but you haven’t done that much for me in my life.”

“I never wanted to be like Pusha, I never had a Pusha moment in my life. Where I’m from, n-ggas wanted to be like you if you was really that dude as a rapper.”

Jim Jones Makes his Loyalties Clear

Jim Jones is an accomplished rapper himself and is certainly entitled to his opinion. However, his conviction is not without bias. Along with his controversial opinion on Pusha T, Jones has made the rounds for declaring Drake as hip hop’s greatest ever rapper. During appearances on the RapCaviar Podcast and an interview on Complex, Jones asserted his controversial take.

“Drake is the only one that gets played anyplace on this Earth, and they’re gonna know it in English. If you’re not putting Drake in the Top 2 of all time, like, what are we gonna do? We gonna keep putting shade on his name? He has broke every single statistic, period. You heard?”

Drake of course, famously brought out Jim Jones and the entire Diplomats crew during his performance at the Apollo Theater and celebrated the veteran rapper and his cohorts with a heartfelt tribute. “These guys right here, from Harlem, made us dress different, talk different, walk different, rap different. All the way in Canada.”


Thus, it could be that after that moment Jim Jones’ view of what makes an all-time great rapper was altered and he only saw things through a Drake lens. Or, the one they call Capo could just be aligning with his good buddy who also happens to be the most popular rapper in the world. After all, Pusha T and Drake’ s longstanding beef ended without a reply from the Canadian crooner. Consequently, many declared Pusha T the winner as he was one of the few to land a crack in Drake’s pop-star armor.

What Jim Jones might have looked over is that Drake himself counts Pusha T amongst his many influences. During an episode of the short-lived MTV show When I Was 17, Drake shared a story from his formative years revealing his fandom of the “Dreaming of the Past” rapper. While scouring eBay in search of Clipse memorabilia, Drake stumbled upon and purchased a microphone that was allegedly autographed and used by Pusha T.

“I used to pretend I was doing interviews on the red carpet and perform all the Clipse songs in my basement with the mic,” he says. “I’m a full-sized teen at this point, so this is in private. And I performed with it so much that I rubbed the autograph off. I don’t even know if he really signed it, but that was my big thing. At the time it meant the world to me.”

Furthermore, Pusha T remains one of the very few that can get Jay – Z on a record. For rap fans, that may be influence enough.

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