MVW Teams Up With TiaCorine and Lil Cherry For Latest Single ‘Tru Tru’

Fresh off his second full-length LP, Staten-Island raised and LA-based MVW returns with another mashup of cultures, sounds and styles. This time, the classical composer turned hip hop producer, has recruited the likes of Tia Corine and Lil Cherry for a syrupy ode to female empowerment and pleasure.

MVW releases his latest single "Tru, Tru."

“Tru Tru” sees MVW remain on his experimental journey. Since breaking through in hip hop, the former La Monte Young understudy has used his signature blend of minimal classical compositions with trap-heavy hip-hop influences. Hence, on “Tru True” MVW uses piano arpeggios, flutes and trap synths to create a sultry, inviting and abstract record.

Things have been tightened over the last few years across the world, and with one another – I feel like friendships are truly being tested. A song like ‘Tru Tru’ is about giving people this psychedelic, anime trap dream world to escape into. That escapism feels especially important right now, and can help bring us together.


Keeping in theme, MVW recruits the likes of Lil Cherry and TiaCorine to complete the record’s sensual vibe. “Tru Tru” is a global trap track that combines the best elements of MVW’s favorite genres. Blending the ominous feel of classical music, the bluntness of trap drums and the way TiaCorine and Lil Cherry’s soft croons and low hues compliment it all.

Bitch I’m colder than the snow on the Polar Express” hilariously boasts Tia. With her rousing, raspy whisper-rap flow adding to her aura. Meanwhile, Cherry infectiously swats away male groupies with a self-assured, “I’m the man, bitch, duhhhh!” 

Ultimately, MVW swerves the listener. In short, the record’s sensual production offers the thought of more somber lyrics. However, TiaCorine — whom Rolling Stone pinned as a rapper set to make it big in 2023 — and K-Hip Hop sensation Lil Cherry exert their control.

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