Cohoes Music Hall Announces Four New Events

The historic Cohoes Music Hall has announced the addition of four new events to their events calendar. Comedians, magicians and musicians will add to Cohoes Music Hall’s already diverse schedule, with something for audiences of all ages.

Cohoes Music Hall originally opened in 1874 where it served as the regions premier music and entertainment hall. Acts like Buffalo Bill Cody, John Philip Sousa, P.T. Barnum, and General Tom Thumb passed through the hall until its closure in 1905. After a million dollar restoration, the Hall reopened in 1975, 100 years after its original opening. Since the reopening, it has been the home to various theater groups, comedy shows, and live concerts and it remains the 4th oldest operational music hall in the United States.

New Events

The Great Van Alden ft. Eric Mead – Friday March 3rd

A one-of-a-kind experience takes the stage, promising its audience a peek behind the curtain at the magic of filmmaking (literally). When world-class magician Eric Mead offered to play the titular role of the famous illusionist in their new film “Anomaly”, local filmmakers Spencer Sherry (Stephen King’s The Monkey) and Rahn Jenkins immediately thought of The Cohoes Music Hall as the perfect theatre location to shoot in. The filmmakers then saw an opportunity to forgo the traditional crowdfunding structure in favor of a unique and singular event that helps to fund the film, while also inviting the community to portray much-needed audience extras.

Ticket holders will be directed from stage as the Emmy-winning members of the production team will film Eric Mead in character engaging with the audience in character. Other entertainers will weave seamlessly between the takes, performing mentalism, illusions, and comedy. All the while, local artist Lexi Hannah will be creating a live painting of the event, which will be auctioned off upon its completion. Overall, the experience has been designed as a non-stop variety show of different art forms, all in support of a truly magical opportunity for the local arts scene. All proceeds will go towards completing the film and paying the local cast and crew for their work on the production.

Melvin Seals & JGB – Saturday April 8th

Melvin Seals has been a powerful presence in the music industry for over 30 years with a long-established reputation as a performer, recording artist and producer. Melvin is most revered for his powerful, high-spirited, Hammond B-3 organ, and keyboards in the Jerry Garcia Band. Melvin spun his B-3 magic with the Jerry Garcia Band for 18 years and in doing so helped pioneer and define what has now become “Jam Band Music”. From blues to funk to rock to jazz, Melvin Seals serves up a tasty mix with a little R&B and gospel thrown in to spice things up.

Jimmy Dore – Saturday June 10th

The Jimmy Dore Show is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars. A certified YouTube sensation, The Jimmy Dore Show boasts over 530 million views and over 1 million subscribers.

Don’t Iron While The Strike Is Hot – Saturday June 17th

The musical Don’t Iron While the Strike is Hot! tells the fascinating story of how a group of courageous and mostly Irish young women won the strike by their determination and the support of the local Iron Molders Union.  Through storytelling enhanced with traditional Irish music and dance, the show demonstrates how they set the example for thousands of women workers who would form unions in the following years across America in order to improve their wages and working conditions.

For a full schedule of events, and to purchase tickets, visit Cohoes Music Hall’s website.

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