Mirabella Phinney Releases Heavenly EP “Through Stained Glass”

SUNY Oneonta student Mirabella Phinney has released a brand new EP titled Through Stained Glass, which came out on Nov. 5 2022.

MIrabella Phinney

The EP is beautifully written, with smooth and rich vocals. It has the perfect music needed to guide you through your day, through sad moments, or at any time. The record was mixed and mastered by Gabe Angelo, and it features Chris Alvarado on bass during the song “Ignorance is a Gem.” It guides the listener through the feelings of love and relationships, to finally the moments when you can look in their eyes and know all is going to be okay. Each song is a new journey, and Phinney invites you in. 

The first song “Ignorance is a Gem” is a slow, nice song with soft guitar strums in the background. Phinney has a beautiful folk voice, that makes me want to sway to the music. I could see myself putting this song on in the background when I am sad, or just studying and doing something as it is so soft and slow. I like the bridge where Phinney’s vocals have some type of effect on them as she sings “Ignore what I said I’m not/I’m nothing what I dreamed of.

The next song “Think of You Fondly” follows similar slow guitar strums, but has some electric strums in the background, amping the sound more. I interpreted this song as a breakup song, seeing the person you once adored existing in life without you, and how hard it is. I recently went through this, so I resonate with this song a lot more. The lyrics “And I can’t help but think of you fondly/When I finally fake my way to feeling healthy/The wrong time and place never hurt so bad” made me tear up because Phinney put my exact feelings into words, and it is so surreal to hear that, especially in music.

Following the track is the short yet sweet song “Culpability.” Her vocals are higher pitched in this song, and I find that beautiful. I love the way it is written, especially the lyrics “Stay another minute/So that we’re alone/In this car ride that I looked forward to all day” because it describes that feeling of euphoria you get liking someone new again, and how you always want to be around them. The next song “Sleep” has to be my favorite on the EP because it is different from all the other ones so far. It has this haunting rain effect added, which makes me feel like I need to listen to it during a thunderstorm or something. It is a love song, and Phinney takes the time to compare her lover to sleep, something everyone needs and craves.

The final song on the EP is “Apple Pie,” and it gives me a warm feeling throughout, just like the temperature of a fresh apple pie would. It is a lot more upbeat than the rest of the songs on the EP, and it is a good finale song because it brings all these longing feelings of love together to finally the feeling of being in a relationship. The lyrics “Let’s talk about dreams over tea and apple pie/Let’s talk about love and how it finally came by remember that time/Yes, we’ve changed a lot and well never go back to how it was,” make me feel happy inside and long for this feeling.

Overall, Mirabella Phinney’s voice shines super bright on Through Stained Glass. She talks about love and its feelings, the ups and downs of it, and the magical feelings. I enjoyed listening to it and I think it would be great music to put on when you’re sad or happy, and I can’t wait to have it on repeat and see her at a future show! You can find Mirabella Phinney on social media and stream her music here.

Originally published in The Royal Journal on They Might Be Royalty.

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