Salt City Summerfest will blanket downtown Syracuse for Artsweek

Salt City Summerfest will blanket downtown Syracuse for Artsweek, the last week of July, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. from Tuesday July 26th through Saturday July 30th, a great opportunity for those seeking dining and culture in Central New York.

This year, due to popular demand, the second “Salt City Summerfest” will join Artsweek with pop up performances of all kinds. Every downtown sidewalk and patio dining area will be visited by performers of all kinds as an element of Artsweek, which also includes the Arts and Crafts Festival, the Northeast Jazz and Wine Festival.

The pop-up festival is made possible for its second year due to the title sponsorship of Countryside Federal Credit Union as well as public support from Senator Rachel May, Assembly Member Al Stirpe, and other downtown stakeholders.

“We’re excited to support the 2022 Salt City Summerfest this year in support of downtown’s outdoor dining areas during Artsweek. Countryside is committed to Central New York, its rich culture, downtown businesses, and residents that have been impacted by the pandemic the past two years.”

Ken Jardin

Salt City Summerfest brings a national act in residence for the first time. Ricky Alexander, a New York City neo-swing musician, brings his quintet to perform at noon on Wednesday July 27th in Perseverance Park, then follows that with a 5:30 p.m. show on the Marriot Downtown patio. They will stroll through downtown the next evening. Other festival artists include groups playing in diverse styles, modern dance by Syracuse Ballet, and the Acappella Fellas. The two patio locations, at the Marriott and Salt City Market, will allow for stationary, continuous concerts with dining available.

Ricky Alexander

“The master plan here is to get people out and about to enjoy our urban landscape. Explore a festival or two, have a great meal, expect the unexpected if you dine outdoors, maybe catch some jazz at the Marriott patio, then stroll up to Clinton Square for some great music on three stages at the Northeast Jazz & Wine Fest. What could be more fun? It’s all downtown for the taking.”

Larry Luttinger

Salt City Summerfest Schedule

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