Wooter Release Psychedelic New Single “Epigraph”

Indie-electronic artist-producer Wooter releases his first single “Epigraph” this Friday, June 10th. “Epigraph” is a chill psychedelic pop track that may calm you down and drive you away from the current chaos.


Wooter, also called Rowan Brind, is a Brooklyn-based artist and producer. He is an engineer and mixer while he also learned multiple instruments. Meanwhile, he is a prolific songwriter who works mainly on his laptop alone.

However, in this signle, he collaborates with the experienced jazz drummer Caleb Estey. Followed his non-traditional songwriting process that first writing to a drum take, then inserting melody and lyrics, Wooter added new sounds in this new single as well.

Wooter is fond of obscure, niche audio equipment and instruments, which gives his music a distinctive sound. His perfectionism in audio production and mixing improved the listening experience of his productions. His perfectionism and interest in sound also benefited his produce skills as an entirely self-taught producer. He always searches for new sounds and evolves with each album.

“Epigraph” is the music shelter to escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Turn it on, and relieve the expectation and burdens on you for the two minutes and 44 seconds. This is music for those trying to break from the routine.

The book The Sun Also Rises inspired Wooter to express the feelings of characters. They are living aimless lives and yet live happily unfazed by the world crumbling around them. For the sound design, Wooter composed his new album on the OP1 which has a lush sound of synthesizers during a trip to New Orleans. He absorbed the feelings of artists like Tame Impala, Mild High Club, and Gorillaz. And now it is time to enjoy the realm of Wooter in the “Epigraph”.

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