Infected Rain brings “Ecdysis” Tour to Rochester

Infected Rain is on a month-long US Tour in support of the band’s latest album, Ecdysis and performed at The Montage Music Hall in Rochester on Friday, May 20. With the band being from Moldova, an eastern European country that borders Ukraine and Romania, it is a rare treat to see them in the United States.

infected rain

The Montage had a good turnout for what ended up being just Infected Rain and supporting act, Gone In April. Three local bands were scheduled to perform, but due to unforeseen circumstances all of these acts dropped off. This made for what turned out to be an intimate, but in your face metal show that fans will surely remember.

Taking the stage at 8:30pm, Infected Rain made their entrance to an energized audience that greeted them with applause and cheers. The band went right into full throttle mode with their hit “Pendulum” and while a smaller crowd, the band performed as if they were playing in front of thousands of people. The energy Lena Scissorhands puts off as she is screaming, and singing is captivating. You can tell she actually really enjoys performing with the constant engagement with the audience and smiled after hearing applause from each song they finish.

infected rain

I have been waiting awhile to finally see Infected Rain, and it was exciting to see them in a small intimate setting with not an overly crowded venue to really be able to appreciate the performance. It’s honestly one of my favorite things about The Montage, and I have seen several of my favorite artists perform there before they have really blown up in popularity.

Infected Rain put on a fantastic 12 song set which included in my opinion, their best songs they could have chosen. Just about all of their songs are heavy hitting, in your face, make you want to mosh kind of feeling and the only disappointing thing about their set was that it was only 12 songs. This is definitely a band worth seeing, they are fun, energetic, and passionate when they play. Lena Scissorhands is a fantastic frontwoman that definitely gives off Tatiana from Jinjer vibes, and I mean that in the best way possible. Hopefully someday we can get a Jinjer, Infected Rain tour that comes to the US.

Setlist: Pendulum > Mold > Black Gold > Longing > The Earth Mantra > The Realm of Chaos > Postmortem Pt. 1 > Passerby > Fighter > Orphan Soul > Fool the Gravity > Sweet, Sweet Lies

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