Flushing Town Hall Announces Global Mash-Up Series

Flushing Town Hall has announced the Summer 2022 run of their popular “Common Ground : Mini-Global Mashups” series. There will be one show per month, starting May 17 and continuing until August 21. 

Flushing Town Hall global series
Performers L to R: Cillian Vallely, Samir Langus, Yungchen Lhamo, Martin Vejarano, Joshua Nelson, Vado Diomande

Curated by trumpeter and Composer Frank London, the concert series will feature performances from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Each performance will combine elements of different cultures to create a unique experience. 

The summer series will kick off May 15, with a collaboration between Irish piper Cillian Vallely & Gnawa master Samir LanGus. They will be accompanied by Brooklyn native and multi-instrumentalist Matt Mancuso. “Ireland Meets Morocco” brings together three decorated musicians for a night of inspired entertainment. 

“Tibet Meets Colombia” will feature Tibetan singer Yungchen Lhamo and Colombian artist Martín Vejarano, accompanied by guitarist Jorge Iván “Tito” Duarte. Lhamo’s calming voice will promote healing and relaxation as Vejarano’s traditional Colombian background provides a well built foundation.

Flushing Town Hall global series

“Gospel Meets Côte d’Ivoire” showcases the musical talent of American gospel singer Joshua Nelson and Ivory Coast traditional dance and drum master Vado Diomande. On July 24, Nelson’s focus on Jewish Gospel will meet Diomande’s vast knowledge of African dance and drumming tradition. 

“Ukraine Meets Cuba” will close out the series on August 21, with a performance from Ukrainian bandura (Ukrainian lute/harp) master Julian Kytasty and Cuban artists Danae Blanco and Juan Carlos Formal. Although the individual regions seem very different, they will come together in a smooth appreciation for all walks of life. 

More information, as well as tickets, can be found here. The performances will also be live streamed on the Flushing Town Hall’s youtube channel. 

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