Le Big Zero Releases Third Single “Coda” Off Upcoming Album ‘A Proper Mess’

Brooklyn-based band Le Big Zero released their third single, “Coda,” off the anticipated album A Proper Mess that is set for release on April 8, 2022.

The forthcoming album is filled with a high-energy cocktail of garage rock and off-kilter punk. Le Big Zero’s previous album was released back in 2019 called Ollie Oxen Free. Since the prior album, Michael Pasuit and Carolina Aguilar the vocalists of the band continued to explore the humorous energy of monotony and anxiety in the modern age for the new album.

The new album gives the outlook of uncertainty of a messy love-letter and the ability to just keep moving forward. The third single, “Coda” comes from the story of Michael Pasuit’s previous band, X-Ray Press’s discarded track with correspondence to band breakups such as Fleetwood Mac, the Clash, or Oasis.

With “Coda” we were looking to create a live band concept that didn’t take place in a traditional venue and had a bit of a playful vibe. The creative process for the video was pretty collaborative with Michael and I sharing ideas back and forth before landing on the final concept of Le Big Zero playing their hearts out for an underwhelmed kid.

-Jeanette D Moses (Music Video Director)

Le Big Zero’s second album is a blend of ’90s garage rock with a twist of poppy structures. The band was originally founded by Michael Pasuit (vocalist and guitarist) and later Carolina Aguilar joined him an additional vocalist.

Prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, the band began recording the new album. The tracks on the album are paired together, fo example the first two singles that have been released “Horror Movie Pie Fight” and “Beach Seance” both give a sense of absurdity and abstraction. The uniqueness of the album, “A Proper Mess” offers an edge that can’t be broken down.

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