Acid Dad Captivates Crowd in Collar City Debut

Brooklyn based alternative buzz band Acid Dad brought their “A” game to Troy on Frida, March 4th, mesmerizing fans at the collar city’s newest live music night spot, No Fun. Conveniently located along River Street, despite the club’s name good times were aplenty as the band dropped a heavy dose of their signature psychedelic shoegaze sound; a sonic assault of fuzz infused feedback, groove-heavy basslines, relevant and catchy lyrics complete with an atmospheric 60’s-style liquid drop lightshow that would have made even a young Syd Barret feel at home. 

Acid Dad performs at No Fun in Troy, NY

Consisting of duel singer/guitarist duo Vaughn Hunt and Sean Fahey, drummer Trevor Mustoe, and on this night bassist Zoltán Sindhu, who was performing double duty after opening the show with NYC’s Programmique, Acid Dad have been riding a steady wave of growth since Vaughn first started recording the band’s debut EP in a Bushwick basement in 2016. During the pandemic, the guys made good use of their time by building a new recording space in Queens, while also continuing to independently produce all their own music, art and even build some of their own instruments.  The end result was  their latest LP, ‘Take It From The Dead,’  which “dropped” last summer on Brooklyn’s Greenway Records and psych powerhouse LEVITATION’s label, The Reverberation Appreciation Society. 

Originally scheduled to play “No Fun” in early February, Acid Dad finally made their Troy debut this past Friday, March 4th.   Playing to a diverse crowd ranging from college students, hipsters, plane jane’s, punks, drunks, die hards, posers, nerds, frat boys, Dead heads, lo-life’s, sell-outs, some cool dudes and a few people still somehow in between, the multi-generational appeal of Acid Dead was apparent from the start. In contrast to lyrics contained in their song “Searchin’” that claim the band is “still stuck in the 70’s” Acid Dad has clearly ingested a multitude of influences that span all eras of music. With a sound the brings to mind influential “do it yourself” indie bands of the late 90’s like The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols, Acid Dad have steadily built on those foundations and steadily developed their own unique, catchier spin on the timeless distorted guitar-based genre. 

Sean Fahey & Zoltán Sindhu performing with Acid Dad

Just a block away from Troy’s Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Acid Dad opened their set Friday night with the single “BBQ.” Featuring an infectious bass-heavy groove matched by a searing twin guitar attack and an utterly hypnotic light show, fans dug it from the get-go. Following that were intoxicating renditions of “Brain Body,” “She Only Eats Organic,” and the aforementioned “Seachin’” By the time Acid Dad reached the opening chords of the thought provoking “Marine,” the band was firing on cylinders so hot, jackets in the once freezing room were no longer needed.   Taking a moment to tune up, the slow burn closer of their self-titled debut album “Dissin’ was next, followed in contrast by the opening track of the same album, “Die Hard.”

From there came perhaps the most well received song on the evening, the lead single from their latest release, “RC Driver.” Keeping the energy high with the relentless driving rhythm of “Living with a Creature” here the young guitar slingers really cut loose, letting their hair fly while thrashing about the stage and indulging in their effects pedals.   Another highlight on the night followed that in the form of “Djembe,” where the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s influence, circa “Give it Back!” era, could really be heard.

“We lie, We all lie
Because mother Russia does not suffer
We run, We all run
I can’t run, I can’t run
Because mother Russia does not suffer
Mother Russia will not suffer”

But just wait mister, Mr. Major
Well I question your precedence
Mister, Mr. Major
Well I question your precedence”

lyrics from Mr. Major

Taking a moment to address the audience before the start of the next song, Vaughn Hunt openly talked about the escalating situation in the Ukraine and that despite writing “Mr. Major” five years ago, it’s taken on a whole new relevance in recent weeks. While fans soon realized this might be a moment worth capturing on their phones, the band then launched into a particularly heartfelt version of it, giving it everything they had left in the tank and bringing the set to a close. Despite the diversity within the mixed collar city crowd, the they were unified in their overwhelming approval and in their pleas for one more song. Happy to oblige, the exciting young band came back out for a fitting encore of “Don’t Get Taken.”  Afterwards the hardworking and down to earth guys could be seen mingling with fans, both new and old, while selling their wares at the merch table. 

Acid Dad’s Vaughn Hunt wrote ‘Mr. Major’ five year ago.

Singing songs about everything from drug addiction and dead friends, explicit sex and failed relationships to corporate greed and communism, don’t be fooled by their bunk name.  Acid Dad are for real.  Young, passionate, authentic, and believable.  With a catchy recipe of heavy garage riffs mixed with a little punk, some post-rock vibes, a dose of new wave and plenty of sprawling sonic distortion, the only thing testing higher than their potential pH levels is their potential to become one of New York’s most relevant bands.  With a huge spring on the horizon that includes a national tour with Australia’s Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and a confirmed slot on the ridiculously stacked Shakey Knee’s Music Festival in Atlanta, it would seem the best is yet to come and that Acid Dad is still far from peaking.  

Acid Dad | 3-4-2022 Troy, New York | No Fun

Setlist: BBQ, Brain Body, She only Eats Organic, Seachcin’, Marine, High, Dissin’, Die Hard, RC Driver, Living with a Creature, Djembre, Mr. Major

Encore: Don’t Get Taken

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