Dumpstaphunk rocks Brooklyn Bowl, Ivan Neville talks Winos, Beacon Theatre

If my ancestors could see me now. Ivan Neville’s February 1988 solo record vibe is alive in the island of Manhattan this year. He is on the 2022 bill at Love Rocks NYC to play with Keith Richards and the X-pensive Winos.

Steve Farrone is playing drums with Pino Palladino on John Mayer’s Sob Rock tour which opened the door for Steve Jordan to regroup with the Winos. Keith Richards and Steve Jordan spent time on the road last year for The Rolling Stones 2021 North American Tour.

Ivan Neville Dumpstaphunk
Ivan Neville at Brooklyn Bowl

Ivan Neville and his band Dumpstaphunk played to a sold out Madison Square Garden audience for two nights with the Dave Matthews Band in 2021. Friday February 18 Dumpstaphunk split the bill with the Nth power to a sold out Brooklyn Bowl.

Ivan took some time before soundcheck to talk about the past, present, and future of his music

Matthew Romano: Let’s talk about the 80s and the X-Pensive Winos.

Ivan Neville: That first Winos tour in general was like monumental for me. I got to double dip. My own band opened up the show. That was super cool to do our thing then go to a different dressing room which was the Winos. Then go play with Keith and the fellas.

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Ivan Neville & Keith Richards Blue Note photo by DIno Perrucci

Matthew Romano: It’s exciting to see a New York musical seed like this so early in the year. Hope the vibe can grow into more cities.

Ivan Neville: Ya, doing a little one off thing is pretty cool. Hopefully some stuff can springboard from that. You never know. I’m sure Keith’s other band is not done yet. I’m sure they will be playing this year.

Matthew Romano: Dumpstaphunk and The Rolling Stones co-billed at The Superdome in New Orleans in 2019. The Beacon Theater’s smaller venue vibe will really hit this March.

Ivan Neville: Yea it’s cool.

Matthew Romano: I was inside the Beacon Theater for Love Rocks NYC in March of 2020. You closed the evening as a special guest on piano with the Black Crowes. It was the actual first night of many events to limit capacity and go straight to a live stream. How does it feel being back on the road in 2022?

Ivan Neville: I think we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My road chops are a little weak not being ready for the grind of the travel and the “the hurry up and wait” scenarios. But it’s actually been pretty fun. I have hope that this year is gonna be crushing.

The Nth Power and Dumpstaphunk crushed their set at Brooklyn Bowl on February 18. Drummer Nikki Glaspie stepped out front solo like Jagger to sing on “Dancing to the Truth” during Dumpstaphunks set.

Ivan Neville gave the Brooklyn Bowl crowd a funk lesson on Miles Davis former wife Betty Davis. I’m going to do it till the cows come home. And when my goose gets loose. She gonna know. I still be getting it on.

Her records in the 70’s were some funky stuff. Original members of Sly and the Family Stone played on them. Larry Graham and Chad Kennedy station did too. What amazing ground breaking funk she did.

Ivan Neville

Nikki Glaspie stayed out front on vocals for “Dirty Work” Nikki had a Neville like vibe to the Winos as she used to be the drummer in Dumpstaphunk who serendipitously opened the show in Brooklyn on Friday with her own band the Nth Power. Backstage at the Brooklyn Bowl there was talk about saxophonists Maceo Parker and Sam Kininger.

Nikki’s vocals blended nicely with all of the other great voices coming from the bands hearts and instruments. Dumpstaphunk played material from all of their records. Tony Hall told NYS Music after their latest release “Where Do we go from Here” 2021 Album.

We recorded a bunch of these songs and didn’t finish them lyric wise. Vocal wise we can always change. It goes kind of like vice versa. We’re all a band that can sing and play too ya know?

Tony Hall
Ivan Neville Dumpstaphunk

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