Nick Vivid Reigns with Latest LP “No More Secrets”

Nick Vivid is breaking down boundaries and officially making a name for himself.  His new release “I Wanna Reign Again,” brings all the potential to his upcoming LP No More Secrets. The single says it for itself “I Wanna Reign Again” speaks about the need to get out after strict Covid lockdowns, or to feel alive again as Nick puts it. The single is fluid in a hallucinogenic energy with heavy synths, with almost a thick cream texture to it. 

The track is about the idea that he, like most people after all the Covid lockdowns and restrictions, just wants to “get back out there and live again. Back when Covid chaos was at its peak and our patience was wearing thin, just a walk in the park or a breath of fresh air was all we could salvage to keep sane.

Nick speaks about how he tried to balance his life with faith. A notable line you might hear, ‘Help me get out of the way’, hones in on the majority of our mental states during crisis, Nick believed that with the mindset that everything will work out for the best eventually led him to stop trying so hard. 

Nick Vivid

Nick Vivid is a true testament to New York City’s culture, talent, and everchanging music.


Vivid explains how he came to write his tracks, finally reaching a point where he was 100% completely and utterly “in sync with things”. Pulling from his idols like Sly and the Family Stone, he was able to produce an eclectic sound still original in its own sound. Reaching this state of mind wasn’t easy, to let go meant pushing his brain to stop working overtime and to listen to his instincts. 

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